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geverSaturday 16th of October 2004 02:46:19 AM
have a look at the alphabet - aleph bet - א aleph - ah
ב bet - b'
ג gimel - g'
ד daled - d'
ה hey - h' or ah
ו vav - oh, ooh or v'
ז zayin - z'
ח CHet - ch (gutteral h)
ט tet - t'
י yood - y', ee
כ kaf or khaf - k' or kh (another gutteral h)
ל la'med - l'
מ mem - m'
נ noon - n'
ס samech - s'
ע ayin - aey (gutteral ah)
פ peh, feh - p' or f'
צ tsadik - ts (as in geTS or leTS)
ק koof - k'
ר raysh - r'
ש shin, sin - sh' or s'
ת taf - t'
ך kaf soofit - kh' (kaf thats present at end of word)
ם mem soofit - m' (mem thats present at end of word)
ף peh soofit - f' (peh thats present at end of word)
ץ tsadik soofit - ts' (tsadik thats present at end of word)
LyddiTuesday 04th of January 2005 04:09:08 PM
- Thank you, gever. This is really helpful!
Could you, possible, write an english word as an example for each letter, just to explain how it sounds?
For example:
ק koof - k'
Does it sound like C in word Coffee?
Thanks, once gain!

geverMonday 10th of January 2005 02:35:29 AM
- youre welcome lyddi. the english letters next to the hebrew alphabet also represent the sound the letter makes.
blueboyWednesday 30th of March 2005 06:34:41 PM
- can either of you show me how to type or view hebrew lettters