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KristinkaSunday 03rd of October 2004 10:03:07 AM
Hebrew Basics - Numbers - NUMBERS - MALE

one - echad
two - shna'im
three - shlosha
four - arba'a
five - chamisha
six - shisha
seven - shiva
eight - shmona
nine - tisha
ten - asara
eleven - achad asar
twelve - shneim asar
thirteen - shlosha asar
fourteen - arba'a asar
fifteen - chamisha asar
sixteen - shisha asar
seventeen - shiva asar
eighteen - shmona asar
nineteen - tisha asar


one - aclassroomxx
two - shta'im
three - shalosh
four - arba
five - chamesh
six - shesh
seven - sheva
eight - shmone
nine - tesha
ten - eser
eleven - aclassroomxx esre
twelve - shteim esre
thirteen - shalosh esre
fourteen - arba esre
fifteen - chamesh esre
sixteen - shesh esre
seventeen - sheva esre
eighteen - shmone esre
nineteen - t'sha esre

The following number are the
same for both male and female.

twenty - esrim
thirty - shloshim
forty - arbaim
fifty - chamishim
sixty - shishim
seventy - shivim
eighty - shmonim
ninety - tishim

one hundred - me'a
two hundred - mata'im
For any other hundred, first say the amount of hundreds there are and then say me'ot. For example: 300 = shlosha me'ot

one thousand - elef
two thousand - alpa'im
For any other thousand, first say the amount of thousands there are and then say alafim. For example: 5,000=chamisha alafim

male: 135 me'a shloshim ve'chamisha
male: 471 arba'a me'ot shivim ve'echad
male: 312 shlosha me'ot ve'shneim asar

female: 1,689 elef shesh me'ot shmonim ve'tesha
female: 223 mata'im esrim ve'shalosh
female: 117 me'a ve'sheva esre

It takes time to memorize numbers, but after a while you will see that it will come easily to you.

Some practice for you to do on your own:

Translate into Hebrew (masculine and feminine):
1) 32
2) 59
3) 67
4) 14

Translate into English:
1) alpa'im ve'esrim
2) tishim ve'shmone
3) me'a shmonim ve'echad
4) mata'im arbaim
sosaSaturday 20th of November 2004 08:44:29 PM
Hi, saw your posts - I'm interested in leraning hebrew. Any help?
dazednconfusedSaturday 20th of November 2004 11:06:40 PM
- why is it that when I listen to my friends speaking hebrew, I only hear them using the female version of the numbers?
geverMonday 22nd of November 2004 03:09:52 AM
- mainly cos its shorter and easier. but if they are talking about something masculine then they should use masculine numbers or its just bad grammer. i bet they almost always use achad instead of aclassroomxx though.
simplypcSunday 09th of January 2005 10:25:41 AM
Female and Male? - So the language is different for a female than a male or is it like spanish where somethings are male and somethings are female>
geverMonday 10th of January 2005 02:29:19 AM
- yes its like spanish, or french, or german etc, in that objects are either masculine or femanine and verbs are conjugated according to the sex of the speaker.