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JLanguageFriday 08th of April 2005 01:33:34 AM
Hebrew Cursive - I think that many of those who first learning Hebrew do not realise that there is a cursive Hebrew alphabet, just like there is a cursive English alphabet. However, unlike English, virtually no one prints Hebrew except for artistic or stylistic reasons.

Here you can the Hebrew cursive alphabet compared to the regular Hebrew alphabet as well a sample text written in cursive.

Other Hebrew-speakers, you're welcome to add to my information or correct me if I'm wrong about anything.

נ"ב בעברית זה מחובר קורסיבי או כתב מחובר?
איך קוראים לכתיבה שלא קורסיבי?
AberineFriday 08th of April 2005 10:04:28 PM
- I`m sorry but I don`t really see difference? which text is in cursive?
JLanguageSaturday 09th of April 2005 12:20:33 AM
- It seems the link is working now. After you click on it, scroll down to where it says "Modern Hebrew Cursive Script".
Then scroll down to where it says "Sample Texts" and note the one that says "Cursive Script".
Efrat120Saturday 16th of April 2005 12:36:11 AM
Cursive handwriting - The Hebrew regular hadnwriting, which is called "otiot dfus", אותיות דפוס, (= printed characters) is used in books, newspapers, signs, computer documents.
The cursive, which is called "chtiv", כתיב, is used by the folk for everyday purposes that involve writing.

הכתב העברי הרגיל, שנקרא "אותיות דפוס", משומש בספרים, עיתונים, שלטים ומסמכי מחשב.
הכתב המחובר, אשר נקרא "כתיב", משומש לצורכי יום יום המערבים כתיבה.