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AberineTuesday 08th of March 2005 08:52:02 PM
Hebrew-English Dictionary - Can anyone tell me some web-site with good Hebrew-English dictionary? That would be VERy helpful.
Also if u have some link to audio-lessons online that would be just cool.
zhigulionthevolgaTuesday 08th of March 2005 09:35:19 PM
AberineTuesday 08th of March 2005 09:41:35 PM
Thank You - zhigulionthevolga really you can`t imagine how thankful I am!
Thank You! THanK YoU! THANK YOU!!!
chelle73Tuesday 08th of March 2005 09:45:52 PM

You can sign up at this site and you'll get a Hebrew word a day in your email. They also have a free beginners course.
And they have audio.
AberineTuesday 08th of March 2005 11:27:38 PM
Thank You - Thank you chelle73 !
That would be just cool! I`ll try right now and I`ll post another message when I see how it is!
Thanks again.
AberineWednesday 09th of March 2005 08:14:51 PM
- You cannot subscribe for free at :( ...
chelle73Thursday 10th of March 2005 05:34:18 AM
- I'm sorry, I should have been clearer. The Word a Day is free and the dictionary. And I think the first 6 lessons are, too.:)