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TallySaturday 04th of June 2005 11:37:18 PM
Hebrew - Shalom! Shmee hoo Tarin. I would love to learn to speak Hebrew, and to be in touch with other members also learning to speak Hebrew.
AnyaSunday 05th of June 2005 07:01:28 PM
- Shalom Tally!
‫מה שלומךMahshalomekh (how are you) ?

Welcome to PhraseBase!
Take a look around the Hebrew discuss here. Click on Hebrew in the upper left of the screen.

I hope you'll enjoy learning on here!

TallyMonday 06th of June 2005 02:25:39 AM
- Shalom Anya
Tov, toda. Mahshalomekh?

I look forward to learning more Hebrew here, and am so thankful for this resource.

Take care!