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allaxMonday 06th of December 2004 01:07:34 AM
How to pronounce alef and ayin - Hi.

I'm learning biblical hebrew, and I have problems with remembering alef and ayin i words - because I treat them as silent letters. If I learn to pronounce these letters it may be easier to remember them. I live in Norway, so the pronunciation may be a challenge, but I will try...

Can anyone help me with how I should pronounce these letters?

Thank you...

geverMonday 06th of December 2004 09:41:00 AM
- hi allax,
aleph is a tricky one cos it depends on what the 'nikood' is that accompanies it. it could be pronounced 'ah' or 'eh'. as for ayin, it too is subject to nikood but its also an 'ot gronit' and as such it is mostly pronounced the way it sounds : ay'ein (ay -like saying eye but with an 'a' and then ilongating the 'e' of eye into an 'n' ending) its tricky and it takes time, keep at it.