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allaxWednesday 12th of January 2005 09:58:55 PM
I need some help about syllable accent and stress - I'm wondering...

I have learned that most of the Hebrew words are accented on the last syllable, but sometimes it can be the second last syllable.

Is accent the same as syllable stress?
How do you pronounce this? Do you make a the vowel longer?

If you are accenting by making the vowel longer, do you disregard the short/long vowel-pointing if it is pointed with a long vowel on the first syllable?

I'm a bit confused...

Assaf_HFriday 14th of January 2005 04:02:28 AM
I'm a bit confused too... - Can you give me some examples of Hebrew words that confuse you so? I would love to help, but I'm not sure I got what you are saying.
allaxThursday 20th of January 2005 05:32:47 PM
Example - F.ex. the last word in Gen. 1:14.

Below the N there is a Masoretic punctuation mark, it looks like a Silluq. It marks the accented syllable (?). If I have understood it right, you accent the syllable by making the vowel longer.

So it should be pronounced we-sha-niim, right?
But the a is a long wovel, and i is a short wovel.
Shouldn't it be pronounced we-shaa-nim ?

So I'm just wondering, how to find the accented syllable, and how to pronounce it. Is accent the same as syllable stress?

geverFriday 28th of January 2005 12:36:53 AM
- plurals are always accented on the last syllable