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JochimThursday 17th of February 2005 05:37:25 PM
New Hebrew site - A new german site, explaining hebrew grammar in an amusing way and easily to understand for beginners. the site is growing and more content will be added verey weekend. it is completeley for free.

JochimThursday 17th of February 2005 05:38:09 PM
- The site:
lironSaturday 19th of February 2005 03:42:00 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by Jochim

The site:[/quote]

Now THAT's interesting - as a native Hebrew speaker but a German student, I wonder if I can gain from that site BACKWARDS :)
JochimTuesday 22nd of February 2005 05:39:05 PM
ivrit - I hope that everything will be right. I am learning now for 2 years hebrew. and all I know will be published online. But it would be very helpful if you see mistakes and would contact me.

I think that german is more difficult to learn, isn't it?
Bye, jochim