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eternalflame1Thursday 07th of April 2005 05:23:59 AM
Phrases?? - I would greatly apprecite it if anyone would tell me how to translate 4 English words to 1 (?) Hebrew meaning or preferably the symbols if it's possible?? I'm just starting to explore and have no idea where to start!! Thanks

Mind, Body, Spirit, Peace
JLanguageThursday 07th of April 2005 12:01:42 PM
I'll try to give approximate equivalents. - Here you go:
Mind: שכל
Body: גוף
Spirit: רוח
Peace: שלום

אולי נפש במקום רוח, מה אתם חושבים?

Is this what you wanted or did you want transliterations?
eternalflame1Thursday 07th of April 2005 04:38:49 PM
Thanks a bunch!! - I really appreciate your help. I think I was excited and trying to go to fast on my very first website. Maybe I should just start with the alphabet and go from there?

thanks again