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AnyaThursday 23rd of December 2004 08:29:20 AM
How to Speak - Summary List of Hindi Lessons
*Under Construction*
I think it would be helpful to have a Hindi series of lessons here for the benefit of many students. I am just learning Hindi, so I would like to find a native-speaking pal to work on these Phrase Lessons. If anyone can help, please send me a PM! Dhanyavād!

The lesson templates are being revised to reflect the PhraseBase concept and streamline with audio in Phrases. We will make the new lessons available as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. --Anya

Paul8Wednesday 09th of February 2005 06:24:26 AM
- For now you should try to include a section that contains the hindi alphabet so people can at leats learn that. For now anyone can go to to learn the alphabet and some basic grammar.
pretoriousFriday 18th of February 2005 02:01:44 AM
- Even these will help : (Script Tutor - just basics) (Links to Hindi resources on the web)
(This one came out to be most interactive one i could find, also has good sound bites...but for advance learners)

rahulchanMonday 18th of April 2005 12:27:45 PM
help me to learn hindi - hi every one,
i am purely beginner for hindi.
please help me any one

pretoriousMonday 25th of April 2005 03:02:25 PM
english -> hindi word translation -

The site below offers translation index for many english words to hindi equivalent. Those intersted in knowing hindi word for sentence construction might find it usefull.

Baby JSunday 12th of June 2005 06:26:29 PM
- Thank you to Pretorious and Anya for both your help!
i am goin to visit those websites P :)

Keep well everyone,
Baby J