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Peter fra LASaturday 11th of December 2004 01:06:25 PM
Learn to Read -
I am temporarily going to put this Gujarati post here until we get a discuss set up for this language and this post can be moved there.

[quote]Gujarati is a language of the Center West part of India. It is the language of a large part of the Indian immigrant community in East Africa , Britain and the Americas. It is also the language of the Muslim Ismaili community many of whom write in the Arabic script. It is the language of Mahatama Ghandi and of Mohammed Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan.

Here we will concentrate on the Indian script. It is very similar to the Hindi script and non Gujarati speakers may find it easier to do the Hindi lessons first. Gujarati does not have a line on top of the word like Hindi does and some classical Gujarati in fact is written in the Hindi script.[/quote]

Before I leave, and forget again to put this link up, if you want to start learning how to read the script used in Gujarati, go here: