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ScotiaCeilidhMonday 03rd of May 2004 06:06:59 PM
Learning with a mission... - Hello to you who may be reading this... and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide!
I have been trying to teach myself to write in Hindi and am working on the language at the same time. Here's the thing... I have met a wonderful man whose first language is Hindi. He does not know I am learning to speak & write Hindi and I want to wait until I have an adequate grasp on the language to say anything to him about it! I am learning to read Hindi and write it as well. I want to be able to write "Happy Birthday" in his birthday card but I can't find the transation to Hindi script anywhere on the 'net. I have written it out to the way I THINK it sounds to my ears, but if anyone has any thoughs or suggestions I will be very grateful!
spalodFriday 21st of May 2004 12:43:43 AM
- hi
Its nice to hear that u r in love .
To say Happy Birthday in hindi we say "janamdin ki badaai"
or "janamdin mubaarak ho" Mubaarak is a urdu word meaning
conveying good wishes. Janamdin means birthday.(janam=birth and din=day)
Hope this will be helpful. feel free to ask more