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Tuesday 28th of December 2004 01:04:26 PM
Learning.... - Hello everyone, my name is eugenio and i am 18. I live in the usa
but alot of my friends are from india, and i love india very much.
Next year i hope to go there at some point and study, as well as
possibly live. In any case i have started to learn hindi on my own
now( my friedns are telugu and hindi poeple, and unfourtantly they
just moved back to india so i am kinda alone). Anyway i have the
teach yourself hindi book. It starts with learning how to write
hindi, and i must say it is really hard. Not the script but weather
the wording and everything is so confusing, and in order to continue
in the book you must know it because the rest of the book teachers
new hindi words and such in the script. In any case any advice
everyone has about this and learning hindi on my own would be great!