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gupta_pWednesday 25th of August 2004 10:11:45 AM
Looking for a Hindi Learning Partner - I just signed up on this site, and I'm trying to learn hindi. If anyone would be willing to help me learn, that would be pretty nice -- and heck, if you're trying to learn English, I might be able to offer you some support as well =)

I look forward to your reply, and if you want to contact me more directly, please just e-mail me, because I'm worried I might not check this discuss very often.

Thanks amigos!
rchagantyWednesday 25th of August 2004 10:20:40 AM
also interested - also interested in learning hindi, it'd be great if we could Classroom on aim, msn, or yahoo.
I'm fluent in english also if you need help.
akt1990Thursday 26th of August 2004 01:00:12 AM
Hindi - I am interested in learning Hindi as well. Also, anyone who needs help with English can contact me at
rohanMonday 06th of September 2004 05:35:03 AM
Hindi - hi, im also interested in learning hindi, and i can also help with english.
You can contact me at
Thursday 09th of September 2004 09:46:45 PM
- Me too! I would like to learn Hindi..
Somebody there to teach me?
badrishnsTuesday 21st of September 2004 10:54:32 PM
want to learn hindi - I am interested in learning to speak and understand Hindi. I know to read and write a bit, but never got opportunity to speak. I can understand few sentences when I watch Hindi Movies. I can teach to speak Tamil, Kannada and English if anyone is interested. My email is
gekoMonday 10th of January 2005 08:38:01 AM
YEt another - I am yet another person speaking english wanting to learn Hindi. I can help with English or some basic conversational spanish
AppleSweetRoseMonday 30th of May 2005 07:36:56 AM
Me too...LOL - Yeah...anyone in teaching me the Hindi, I can in return improve your English and teach you Dutch...


Seems...teachers are in demand LOL


is my email.

Jeez...we're starving for someone to teach us all LOL.