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whatever122857Wednesday 24th of March 2004 04:48:51 PM
looking for hindi pal - Hey I'm looking for a hindi pal to help me learn the language and keep me up to date with all the lasted gossip on that part of the world.
joshmanishFriday 26th of March 2004 10:27:14 PM
Namste, I can help you in learning Hindi - Hello,
Learning Hindi is simple and I think I can help you.
whatever122857Thursday 01st of April 2004 05:06:49 PM
Oh goodie! - Oh great! I didn't think someone will answer so soon. Geez, I don't even know where to start; my hindi is THAT bad... well, why don't you tell me about youself...
KiranSaturday 10th of April 2004 11:11:10 PM
want to learn Hindi - Wow, this is so cool. Please help me to learn Hindi...Thank you.
JuriaSunday 11th of April 2004 08:36:13 PM
wanna learn too! - Hi, My name is Juria, I'm a thai-moroccan girl dying to learn hindi. Your help will be really appreciated. Shukria.
whatever122857Tuesday 20th of April 2004 08:04:45 PM
Hi - Are you online?!
mumtazThursday 22nd of April 2004 04:46:50 AM
- I'm from Poland, polish girl, I would like learn hindi too. I love India
whatever122857Monday 26th of April 2004 01:32:32 PM
Classroom - is there a Classroom room we can all agree to Classroom in together?
SoniKuriWednesday 05th of May 2004 01:11:06 AM
hindi - i can help people learn hindi
jhackerThursday 13th of May 2004 02:09:50 PM
learning hindi - I am also very interested in learning hindi and maybe sanskrit as well
shrimanFriday 14th of May 2004 11:10:33 AM
Good to so many people want to learn hindi - The first and foremost things to learn in Hindi is
(English) Hi
(hindi): Namasthey

(English) What is your name?
(Hindi) Aapka Naam kya hai?

(English) My Name is Shriman.
(Hindi) Mera Naam Shriman hai.

(English) Where are u from?
(Hindi) Aaap Kaha key rehney Waaley hai?

(English) I am a resident of Chicago.
(Hindi) Mey Chicago ka Nivaasi hoo.

Hey if u guys like that we will do more ...
whatever122857Friday 14th of May 2004 05:43:41 PM
Ok! - Awesome, now that's progress...I'm having trouble pronouncing "where are you from" in hindi...
spalodMonday 24th of May 2004 10:43:17 PM
learning hindi is very very simple - salut everybody,
I can proove to b a very good teacher and u a very good student of hindi. My native language is hindi and I would b glad to help everybody who is intrested to learn it.

Shubh Kaam mein deri kyu, lets begin ASAP.
ANUANANDWednesday 02nd of June 2004 07:24:38 AM
Hindi - hi,
So lets start talking hindi...I am from India...
Hello- Namaskar [ first two a's are pronounced as u in but- continuous namas..kar is pronounced as car.)
So "namaskar' to everybody.
Lets learn more....
keep writing...u can mail me on personal id (if u like)and we can share much more...
Anu Anand
ptimothypSunday 13th of June 2004 04:14:48 PM
How in Hindi - How do you ask these following phrases in Hindi.

1. How are you ? and the answer in Hindi
2. How old are you ? and the answer also in Hindi
3. How are you ? and the answer in Hindi
4. Where are you goin ? and the answer in Hindi
5. What do you do ? And the result in Hindi

Thanx for the help,

shabazkijaanTuesday 15th of June 2004 02:21:30 AM
- hi id love to learn hindi aswell can anyone help..
shabazkijaanTuesday 15th of June 2004 02:25:56 AM
- erm im jus learning too so correct if am wrong..

how are you?? Tum theek ho?
I am fine.. Mai theek ho
jzcasejzFriday 18th of June 2004 11:23:13 AM
i want to learn - hey i want to learn aswell. contact me at or reply at this discuss
dsharmaThursday 24th of June 2004 07:23:00 AM
Gender differences in learning Hindi - Hello everyone,

I am beginning to learn to speak Hindi (I can read and write, I just don't really know what I am reading and writing!) and have come up against an obstacle in Hindi-learning tools. Most of the programs, websites, books are written assuming that you are male. You need to learn things (especially verbs) differently if you are female learner. Is there any female willing to teach Hindi? I was surprised to learn that there are so few resources for women!

jn_mohitThursday 12th of August 2004 08:34:47 AM
i can help ya - Too many people interested in learning hindi, I can help you guys too, drop me a mail at, or try catching me on yahoo messenger with the above id. Lets see what we can work out.
mordecaiSunday 22nd of August 2004 10:19:13 PM
same here - im learning hindi too, i can write most of the alphabet and sounds, also some words. this messageboard is probably too slow , maybe if alot of you have irc we can make a hindi channel on a server? if you need an irc client Bersirc is my favorite and its very straightfoward to use. when you get in set your user name and join a server, any server. once you're in type /server then wait and type (after its done, it takes a minute) /join #hindi . i'll idle there for a few days to see if anyone joins.