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sivadThursday 30th of December 2004 07:39:55 AM
phonetic translation - I am an actress and I need a phrase spelled out phonetically so that I can say it. the phrase is "it is time to stop watching television and do your homework." I hope someone can help me here.
Thursday 30th of December 2004 05:11:14 PM
- Abhi TV dekhna band karo aur apna homework karo
AndheraSunday 02nd of January 2005 01:54:51 AM
- Usually, if it is a mother telling her child, she says:

Bus, ab TV bund karke upna homework karo.


Bus = bus;
a`b = A as in father, B as in banana;
bun`d = bun, d as the the 'th' of there;
ka`r`ke = Ka as in the 'ca' of catastrophe, r, ke as in "kay"
up`na = up, na as in narcissist
ka`ro = Ka as in the 'ca' of catastrophe, ro as in rope.

Also, the "bus" isn't necessary, but can be used. It would be used, say, if the person speaking in fed up/irritated.

Hope that helps ^^

sivadTuesday 04th of January 2005 12:35:36 AM
Translation - Thank you very much for your reply and assistance.