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absycFriday 20th of May 2005 12:26:09 AM
There seem to be lots of people learning Hindi but no-one teaching it... - Hey all native Hindi speakers. There seem to be loads of people trying to learn Hindi but none of you guys are replying to them! Please reply to me even if you don't want to learn English. I am desparate to learn before I come to India next Christmas. I'm going to be online a lot over the next few weeks so please Classroom with me...or add me to your MSN...its the same username as here!!! Thanks, i really appreciate it!!!
AndheraWednesday 25th of May 2005 05:53:31 AM
- Hi there,

Well, I'm originally from India, but since I don't speak hindi at home, and it's been a while overall, I am not quite good enough to teach as per this moment. However, if you have any specific questions, I'd love to answer them. Other than that, it's quite hard (as of now) for me to go on "I want to learn Hindi, teach me!" So, if you have any questions, or just want to Classroom in Hindi, I can most certainly offer my help. But generic teaching, I doubt I'm ready for. ^^
SpokenWordTuesday 21st of June 2005 12:49:15 PM
- Oh, man ::groans:: This post worries me because I want to learn Hindi, too. Andhera, if you could even Classroom with me in Hindi here and there, that would be great. I want to start with simple things - I want to be able to say "How was your day?", "It was nice seeing you", "How are you?". If you don't mind going back and forth with me a bit, I'm willing.
SpokenWordTuesday 21st of June 2005 12:52:06 PM
- ::Groans again:: and only now do I notice that this person posted that quite a while ago.
pretoriousWednesday 22nd of June 2005 02:41:56 AM
- Well i saw this board after a long time. I don't stay online that often (to Classroom..) due to work but will be glad to answer questions if i could on this board.

SpokenWord, you can post your questions about phrases here and i am sure someone will answer it.