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AnyaWednesday 02nd of February 2005 03:37:54 AM
Vocabulary - Here are some to get us started....

Hello = Namaste
Hello (polite) = Namaskar
Good morning =Suprabhat
Good afternoon = Subh dopahar
Good evening =subh ratri
How are you? = Āp kaise hai?
I am fine, thank you = ţhik hai, dhanyavad
No problem = koi bhat nahi
Amazing =achraj
I don't believe it =mujhe vishwas nahi ho raha
I am surprised =me heran hoo
How do you say ... in Hindi? = kese kehete hai ... Hindi me?

**I'm not a native speaker, but just learning, so please feel free to add and comment :)

vinodsinghrawatSaturday 09th of April 2005 02:21:20 AM
Hi Anya - Namastee. I reside in India & may help you in your skills to learn Hindi.
Mail me your sentences in English, I will convert it in Hindi.
Likewise you too can help me learn Russian.

AnyaMonday 02nd of May 2005 05:12:22 AM
- Here are some more that vinodsinghrawat sent to me:

Its very nice = Bahut Achee.
Keep going = Chalte raho.
My Name is Anya = Mera nam Anya hai.

pretoriousSaturday 07th of May 2005 08:24:19 PM
- Conversation phrases while in interaction with some phrasebase members :::

i'll be right back :: maen(i) abhi(now) vapas(back) aata(comes) hun

my name is Sarah :: mera(my) naam(name) Sarah hai

nice to meet you :: apse mil-ke(after/on meeting) kushi(happy) hui

tell me more about yourself :: mujhe apne(urself) baare-maen(about) kuch(some) bataye(tell)

thanks for the invitation :: nimantran(invitation) ke liye dhanyavaad(thankyou)

what do you do? :: aap(u) kya(what) karte hai ?

what's your name? :: aapka naam kya hai ?

what's your last name? :: aapka(ur) akhari(last) naam(name) kya hai ?

where do you work now? :: aap kaha(where) kaam(work) karte hai ?

how are you? :: aap kaise(how) hai ?

how is your family :: aap ke ghar(home) wale kaise hai ?

what are you doing here? :: aap yaha(here) kya kar(do) rahe hai ?

>I am fine!
::: maen thikh hun
- maen : me
- tikh : alright/fine

>It's such a nice day!
::: kitna aacha din hai
- kitna : how much
- aacha : nice
- din : day

>I am going to the store.
::: maen dukan mai jaa rahi hun
- dukan : store
- mai : in
- jaa : go
- rahi : for current action ('raha' for male),
::: (for male) maen dukan mai jaa 'raha' hun
:::::::: 'jaa rahi' becomes 'going' for female (ex- woh jaa rahi hai :: she is going)
:::::::: 'jaa raha' becomes 'going' for male
:::::::: 'aa' : come
:::::::: 'aa rahi' becomes 'comming' for female

>Do you need anything from the store?
::: kya aapko dukan se kuch chahiya ?
- kya : what
- aapko : for 'you'
- kuch : something
- chahiya : need
- se : 'dukan se' becomes 'from shop'
::::::::ghar - home :::::; so 'ghar se' becomes 'from home'

>Would you like something to eat or drink?
::: kya aapko kuch khane ya pinee ke liye chahiya ?
- ya : or
- pinee : to drink
- khane : to eat
- chahiya : want

>Please come in.
::: aap under aa jaiye
- aap : you
- under (pronounce it by using 'd' as the way 'the' sounds :: 'un-the-er' )
- aa : come

>You look beautiful today.
::: aap aaj sunder dikh rahe ho
- aaj : today
- sunder :beautiful
- dikh : look

>Would you like to watch tv?
::: aap TV dekhna chahenge ?
- dekhna : to watch
- chahenge : like to

>Do you like dogs?
::: aapko kutte pasand hai ?
- kutte : dogs
- pasand : like

>Do you have any children?
::: kya apke koi bache hai ?
- koi : any
- bache : childerns

>How old are you?
::: aap kitne saal ke hai ?
- kitne : how many
- saal : year

>What time is it?
::: samaye kya hua hai ?
- samaye : time
- kya : what
- hua : happened


>yes : ha
>no : nahi
>maybe : shayad

chajangSunday 08th of May 2005 09:29:33 PM
- Bahut dhanyavaad pretorious... this's help me a lot.. :D

but i still have problem (sorry about put too much trouble) that i can not pronounce it right.. Do you have any suggestion about that??

pretoriousMonday 09th of May 2005 11:51:54 AM
- best choice would be to listen on how a native might speak the words. If you have skype account or can Classroom with someone with audio...thats the closest help.

Still in hindi some words sound different like 'd' is spoken as english word 'the'. If you are going for convesational hindi then you can mix hindi word with those of english (like, as it is use of "suitcase","ice","bulb" etc..) untill you perfect it in hindi.

For stress on some words, while reading them they get repeated like "a" in "aap" or "a" in "naam". You can also try looking at dictionery's where the hindi equi. are given with stress on words like, "shoe" as "jUte", "U" is indicated in bold. (But it would be difficult to find appropriate word for beginers from several interpretations present there). I guess most here got interested due to hindi movies/songs....may be you can pick some hints from it.

My experience is just with Spanish. People with large langauge
interaction base (may be Jeff or Anya) might be able to provide some clues on
pronounication help with langugages (if its generic)...even i would like to know
saadnaMonday 09th of May 2005 08:11:32 PM
plz correct me - i can talk a lil hindi. But sumtimes, i don get it right. Whats d difference between 'mera billa paani piitaa hain' and 'mera billa paani pii raha hain'?
pretoriousTuesday 10th of May 2005 02:31:29 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by saadna

difference between 'mera billa paani piitaa hain' and 'mera billa paani pii raha hain'?[/quote]

"mera billa paani pii raha hain" : my cat is drinking water

"mera billa paani piitaa hain" : my cat drinks water [[ no associated action, the cat drinks water...but no affirmation that it is drinking it now ]]

SFBabaSaturday 21st of May 2005 02:53:38 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by Anya

Here are some more that vinodsinghrawat sent to me:

Its very nice = Bahut Achee.


Isn't this appropriate for a female but not a male?
i.e. isn't it Bahut Aacha for a male?

pretoriousMonday 23rd of May 2005 08:54:50 PM
- You are looking good today ::::
aap aaj achi dikh rahi ho : female
aap aaj ache dikh rahe ho : Male

I am very well ::::
maen bahot achi hun : female
maen bahot achaa hun : Male