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apocalyptic_seraphWednesday 10th of November 2004 12:56:51 PM
wanna learn something I love but dont know (hindi) - well I really want to learn hindi....never had the time...thought I could start with this site..i really love the language,

In exchange..I can teach English (to a very very complicated and in-depth level, if you are interested, poem disections, old english and middle, creative writing).......and malay..

so if anyone tell me ..plsss
nish50Monday 06th of December 2004 12:34:25 PM
hindi - Hey Shan

I can help with Hindi. have never taught it before but have a decent command of the language.
apocalyptic_seraphTuesday 07th of December 2004 01:52:45 AM
hi nish - thats really thoughtful of you, i didnt expect any reply to come of this discuss to be honest....its rather a pleasant surprise..

hehe...but before hand, I must say; I have next to no knowledge in Hindi, but i do have the eagerness to learn. and I'd be thankful and delighted if you'd teach ..(just the basics will do, I wouldnt want to take too much of your time)