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cliff817499Tuesday 06th of July 2004 12:38:36 PM
help me - i speak english, and want to learn hungarian. very dificult language to learn
StefanWednesday 07th of July 2004 07:33:02 AM
- Actually I would say that Hungarian is easier to learn then English. The main reason for that is that it has next to phonetic spelling, ie you actually pronounce things as you write them (and vice versa). That means it's relativly easy to learn new words either via reading or hearing and being able to imediately use those words both in talking and writing (read this thread for an example of the horrible mess English is in this aspect http://www.phrasebase.c../../discuss/read.php?TID=453 )

What might seem a bit aqward to someone originally speaking a Germanic language is that the Finno-Ugric languaes uses very different gramatics where endings to the stem of a word is added instead of using pre/post-positions.

Eg take
To love - Szeretni

I love you - (n) Szeretlek (tged)
I love him/her - (n) szeretem (t)
You love him/her - (Te) szereted (t)
You love me - (Te) szerets (engem)
Since the endigs added to the stem denotes I/you/he/she/it it is allowed (and very common) to simply leave out the parts within () above both in writing and speach.

Love - Szerelem
Are you in love? - Szerelmes vagy? (ie you-in-love are?)

In short, 2 very important things you should put some extra effort into in the very beginning is
1) Learn which endings are added when
2) Learn how all the letters in the "long alphabet" ( including all combinations of 2 letters & long/short versions) are pronounced.
s - short
sz - stop
cs - check
c - parts
e - letter
- beer

PS In the text above "t" should actually be written with 2 long ' above the o, not 2 dots, but that letter is not available with my charset. t (short ) az written above actually means something compleatly else (five).
PPS long sounds pretty close to turn (and short is the same sound just short).
kifliThursday 03rd of February 2005 07:06:21 PM
Hello! - Let's come to the Hungarian language discuss: