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American FinnSaturday 11th of December 2004 12:19:06 PM
Hungary - Hello. I live in the US, and I am interested in going on foreign exchange in Hungary. I have no experience with anything Hungarian, except it's music ^_^, and I want to know what Hungary is like. Thank you!
Luludya738Saturday 11th of December 2004 06:01:36 PM
I heard that Budapest in a very nice place, worth being visited. And prices are not too hight. Or at least they weren't before the integration in the U.E. It depends in what city you want to establish. You might want to check some sites with pics and stuff like that. It depends on how are you as a person. I have a greek friend who didn';t like to stay there coz he said hungarian people don't know how to have fun and he liked more Romania. But I don't think that you, as an american will have any problems in adapting.
Good luck! ;)
kifliThursday 03rd of February 2005 07:03:36 PM
Pictures - Hello,
You can see some photo about Budapest there:

I love Hungary, I think it is beautiful. I'm sure the prices will be not high for you, but you should not buy in the "visitors places" Eg: Vaci street. These are really expencive. The casual shops work with good prices.
bethann120Wednesday 09th of February 2005 03:11:31 AM
Visiting Hungary - Yes, Hungary is a beautiful country! I have been there twice to visit family, and I can't wait to go back again. Kifli is correct about the pricing. It is definitely higher in touristy areas and shops, so if you can, go to some local shops.
Have a great time!
makostesztaThursday 07th of April 2005 01:49:41 AM
Useful -

it's a very useful page for tourists and not only...
PhosSunday 10th of July 2005 10:36:44 PM
What's Hungary Like? - I am from UK and have only been to Hungary for about 20 Days.

The country is beautiful, the people are sooooo friendly, Budapest is awesome. Everything is cheap if your income is over $300/month. Try going to Oroshhaza, Szeged, Bekescsaba, Kondoros, Szarwas. People still love family, eating and fun. Church life is big influence mostly Catholic and Lutheran (i Think). Most of rural area is flat as hungary is a flood plain, Weather is hot or cold, nothing in between, the language is based on finnish with some ural dialect thrown in for good measure.

feel free to email me if you want to know anything specific.

hope you have fun there... I did