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bethann120Wednesday 09th of February 2005 03:15:02 AM
Want to learn... - I am so thrilled to have found this website. Can anyone out there please help me learn the Hungarian language? I know the basics - like please and thank you - but I want to be able to actually talk to my relatives.
Pathfinder05Wednesday 09th of February 2005 06:27:46 PM
- Hmmm. Do you want audio files to hear the words? Or text, or both?
bethann120Thursday 10th of February 2005 12:57:10 AM
Want to learn... - Both would be great!!! (i'm a very visual person) Thank you so much!!! :o) Wait, though, your profile doesn't specify that you know the Hungarian language. Are you thinking of someone else you know who could possibly help me?
cilvijaFriday 01st of April 2005 12:39:44 AM
- Hello!

If you want to learn english yet, i can teach you.Im from Hungary. I want to learn english.