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RMKiwiTuesday 28th of June 2005 07:59:48 AM
Dictionary - I'm looking for a good (paper) dictionary Icelandic-English and one English-Icelandic (or both in one book), or Icelandic-French and one French-Icelandic (or both in one book), that would be designed for English or French speakers wanting to learn Icelandic. I'm afraid that most Icelandic dictionaries are designed for Icelandic people and give information on English grammar, since it assumes that the reader already knows Icelandic. I need a quite comprehensive Icelandic-English or -French dictionary (with examples and idioms) that would give grammatical information on Icelandic words: after nouns and adjectives it would give its declension or declension class, after verbs, it would say if it's irregular and how it is conjugated in the main tenses, etc.
Does such dictionary exist? Please give me several references if there is more than one dictionary of that kind.

Thanks a lot in advance

Peter fra LATuesday 28th of June 2005 08:02:31 AM
- I can only give you information on the only book I have found so far:

Islensk-Ensk ordabok
Arngrímur Sigurdsson, 1933-

Publisher: Ordabfehur Isafoldar,
Pub date: 1994.
Pages: 942 p.
ISBN: 0781804647

RMKiwiTuesday 28th of June 2005 09:07:46 AM
- And... is it good? does it have the features i talked about? :)
Peter fra LAFriday 08th of July 2005 08:38:10 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by RMKiwi

And... is it good? does it have the features i talked about? :)[/quote]

I checked out this book again to look it up and nope =(

72,000 words, ~1000 pages of dictionary goodness, but no grammar help.