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EndSulretalWednesday 09th of March 2005 10:43:47 AM
Hello... New here - Greetings, my name is William and I am from Pennsylvania, USA. I suppose my deep appreciation for the Icelandic Language has to be involved with my admiration of the band Sigur-Ros. Anyways, I searched on Google and ended up here at PhraseBase.

I am Fluent in English and I am currently taking French 2 in my studies at highschool, so I geuss I have a great understanding of the French language. Just saying Hi :)
normanjpWednesday 09th of March 2005 02:42:54 PM
H! - Nafni mitt er WangJun fr Kna. g tala knversku, ensku og japnsku. g tala lka sm sku.
a er svo gott a vera hr og gaman a hitta ig!
I'm also a beginner of the Icelandic language. Hope we can compare notes on the language after we both have leraned it for a certain period of time.
sofilosWednesday 01st of June 2005 08:18:46 PM
- Gleymi i mig ekki!!