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AezarTuesday 17th of August 2004 05:08:27 PM
Im also new - Hello all. Yes I want to learn Icelandic, anyone out the who wants to teach 16 y.o Australian boy from practacally scratch (yes, that sounds inviting doesnt it) wouold you please send me a pm, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Aezar
nochnaya vedmaTuesday 17th of August 2004 07:58:25 PM
- can't help you much other than to wish you luck - 300,000 speakers in the entire world (compared to 1.5 billion chinese, half a billion english, probably about that many spanish...), what appears to be none registered with phrasebase, spoken only in iceland, not readily convertable from other lanaguages (even germanic ones), complicated grammar (though pronunciation's relatively easy). i've been trying to learn it for a while, but after several months of not finding good resources (like a book on its grammar, let alone a "learn icelandic" book), i've more or less given up and replaced the ambition with norwegian.

i'm still looking for a good book on it (and, less hopefully, a native speaker), and i'll post here if i find one. i have found a very user-unfriendly grammar page and a brief pronunciation page (http://www.travlang.c../../languages, with icelandic somewhere below), but nothing more.
AezarWednesday 18th of August 2004 03:03:40 AM
Thanks - that helps, if i find any good books ill be sure to pm you

CassiusAllanusWednesday 17th of November 2004 05:07:49 PM
Icelandic - Here's a challenge: Try finding resources on Faroese
LOL Just kidding, it's pretty much impossible.
Gummi1984Thursday 18th of November 2004 11:04:56 AM
- That's sooo true Cassius!!! I've always wanted to learn Faroese because it's so simular to Icelandic. I can understand alot of it but I still need help. It would just take me maybe few weeks to learn it but with no resources or Faroese people to contact here (or elshwere) I can't...
CassiusAllanusThursday 18th of November 2004 08:31:57 PM
- And the funny thing is with Icelandic, before I found this site, I found way more information on Old Icelandic than on Modern Icelandic. Luckily for me, they are almost the same :-)

Here's my most stupid Old Icelandic sentence ever:
Ek et ost!