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Peter fra LAThursday 09th of September 2004 11:10:55 AM
Islandsk Resources - stofnun Sigurđar Nordals, hi=háskóli íslands (university of iceland)

url of a store, to find some teach-yourself icelandic;

Website of Guđrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir
Here you find her stories, and if you start with "Hannesar saga Grásteins", you find reading material for kids (and beginners of icelandic)

Note on Icelandic literature:

Sagas are literature, written under Christianity (stories)
Edda was orally transmitted through the generations, overlevering, and and contains the greatest ancient wisdom, meaningful profound myths and epics.

Many even try to translate from edda by using a dictionary,
some confuse Sága (seeress) with saga (story)
some confuse Týr with tyr (a bull in sweedish,danish...)
even Heim+dallur is looked up to become something funny and out of context

if i say: -fate, some might say: -yes, i know,
but örlög in icelandic has more to it: ör has many meanings, lög too;
urđur verđandi skuld and our free will is a bit complicated a matter
Peter fra LAThursday 09th of September 2004 08:02:17 PM
Forgot one - News, Childrens stories, and Television/Audio streamed over the internet: