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Gummi1984Thursday 11th of November 2004 05:21:51 PM
slenska PHRASES 00 -
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Format Used:
Icelandic Phrase (Icelandic name of the letter)


A/a (a)

/ ()

B/b (b)

D/d (d)

/ (e)

E/e (e)

/ ()

F/f (eff)

G/g (g)

H/h (h)

I/i (i)

/ ()

J/j (jo)

K/k (k)

L/l (ell)

M/m (emm)

N/n (enn)

O/o (o)

/ ()

P/p (p)

R/r (err)

S/s (ess)

T/t (t)

U/u (u)

/ ()

V/v (vaff)

X/x (ex)

Y/y (upsilon i)

/ (upsilon )

/ (orn)

/ ()

/ ()

Not in the alphabet:

C/c (s)

Q/q (k)

W/w (tvfalt vaff)

Z/z (seta)