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Gummi1984Thursday 25th of November 2004 05:16:15 PM
slenska PHRASES 11 -
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English Phrase
Icelandic Phrase


What are your hobbies?
Hvaa hugaml hefur ?

What do you do in your spare time?
Hva gerir frtmanum?

Do you like to read?
Lkar r a lesa?
Finnst r gaman a lesa?

I don't like to read
Mr lkar ekki a lesa
Mr finnst ekki gaman a lesa

I like to read
Mr lkar a lesa
Mr finnst gaman a lesa

I like to cook
Mr lkar a elda
g hef huga eldamennsku (I'm interested in cooking)

I like to listen to music
Mr lkar a hlusta tnlist
g hef huga tnlist

I like to play the piano
Mr lkar a spila pan
Mr finnst gaman a spila pan

I like to play the guitar
Mr lkar a spila gtar
Mr finnst gaman a spila gtarinn

I like to sing
Mr lkar a syngja
Mr finnst gaman a syngja

I like to play chess
Mr lkar a spila skk
g hef huga skk

I like to go out
Mr lkar a fara t
Mr finnst gaman a fara t

I like to travel
Mr lkar a ferast
Mr finnst gaman a ferast

I like to go shopping
Mr lkar a versla
Mr finnst gaman a versla

I like gardening
Mr lkar vi garyrkju
g hef huga garyrkju

I like to watch TV
Mr lkar a horfa sjnvarp
Mr finnst gaman a horfa sjnvarp

I like to surf the internet
Mr lkar a vera netinu
Mr finnst gaman netinu

What kind of music do you like?
Hvernig tnlist lkar r vi?
Hvernig tnlist ertu hrifin/n af?

I like classical music
Mr lkar vi klassska/sgilda tnlist
g hef huga klassskri/sgildri tnlist

I like pop music
Mr lkar vi popp tnlist
g hef huga popp tnlist

I like opera
Mr lkar vi peru
g hef huga peru

I like jazz
Mr lkar vi djass
g hef huga djassi

I like techno
Mr lkar vi tekn
g hef huga tekni

I like hard rock
Mr lkar vi rokk
g hef huga rokki

What are you favorite bands?
Hvaa hljmsveitir lkar r vi?
Hvaa hljmsveitum ertu hrifin/n af

What do you prefer?
Hva kstu helst?

I prefer...
g ks...

hrifin = to like (female)
hrifinn = to like (male)

The phrase "mr lkar" is ideal everywhere to tell people what you like. But it becomes very monotonous if you overuse it. As in many languages, some phrases are more commonly used than others in certain sentences, and to help you out I've written two Phrases for almoste every English phrase here if you're eager to learn :)

Mr lkar... = I like...
g hef huga ... = I'm interested in...
Mr finnst gaman a... (literally: I feel enjoyed to...) = I'm interested in...