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GhotiWednesday 25th of February 2004 08:12:29 PM
The definitive Iceland topic! - That's about all I have to say. What's the best way to begin learning Icelandic? My dad says I'm quick with language, but I haven't had a chance to really find out yet.
Pyros_amanteFriday 27th of February 2004 11:47:57 AM
? - i am also trying to learn icelandic. i know i am learning alot but so far i have italian and spanish downpact. but sorry i don't know where to learn it.
TheFlairTuesday 02nd of March 2004 06:26:59 PM
- I'd like to learn too. So far I can only do english and some spanish. I've seen a few icelandic lessons online, but nothing too great.
abecThursday 22nd of April 2004 12:40:13 AM
Any Icelandic people out there? - I also want to learn some Icelandic. Just the fact that it stems from Old Norse and I speak Norwgian I'm very much interested :)
TyraSunday 09th of May 2004 01:37:31 PM
- I would love to learn Icelandic it one of those languages that has always festinated me but I don't know any so if anyone would like to help me it would much appreciated. Thanks - Tyra
noperhapsyesMonday 31st of May 2004 10:03:42 AM
- I also am interested in learning Icelandic, and that's why I signed up for this site, but I see no way of learning it (of course, I haven't looked much). Any help?
StefanWednesday 02nd of June 2004 10:07:29 AM
- [quote]Originally posted by noperhapsyes

I also am interested in learning Icelandic, and that's why I signed up for this site, but I see no way of learning it (of course, I haven't looked much). Any help?[/quote]

First there needs to be someone that knows Icelandic as well as English sufficently well to make good Phrases. Unfortunately I havn't seen anyone with those skills around yet :( so it might take a while before that part is finished.
quarkTuesday 15th of June 2004 05:35:08 PM
Icelandic pages - Hi all!

I did try to search on google for pages from domain .is with Icelandic words. As I am from Norway I have to guess, but since the languages are somewhat related it is easier for me to guess than for people from further away.

In Google, enter:

With words:
hugleik, eki, smokk, koke, hamborgari, pylsur, and so on.

You will find pages that can help you along finding more words or even pages that can teach Icelandic.

Other searches have revealed:

I am sure there are even more!
palliTuesday 17th of August 2004 07:21:11 AM
Teaching Icelandic - I can help you as a native speaker... :)
AezarFriday 20th of August 2004 05:41:48 AM
Nei, hættu nú þú hlýtur að vera að grínast - go to this site, it will teach you to a conversational level,

SigurRosSunday 17th of October 2004 09:11:06 AM
awesome -

it's a whole course and you can listen to how they say everything. pretty neat.
CarlousSaturday 27th of November 2004 02:47:32 PM
Good book - I recently bought "teach your-self Icelandic" it is really good so far and gives you a good pace of about two lessons a day with one review lesson. Moderate prize for having Cds, I bought it for twenty-five dollars. If you decide to buy it, buy the Jonsdóttir version the other one is not very good.