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aantiixFriday 01st of April 2005 02:14:00 AM
Wanting to learn Icelandic - I have always wanted to learn Icelandic. I have recently been checking into resources for learning this language and find them to be very slim. Anyone have suggestions of materials I can buy? I have checked out several web pages but really need some CDs or tapes that I can listen to along with the reading materials.

Also, is Icelandic similar to any other language? Where learning another similar langugage would be helpful? If so I would love to know any others that are similar. (for example, Portuguese where French, Italian, and Spanish are similar)
Gummi1984Monday 04th of April 2005 05:44:51 AM
Hello aantiix -
Welcome to this discuss!

Icelandic is moste closely related to Faroese but also to the Scandinavian languages: Norwegian, Danish and Swedish. Well, I don't have much else for you right now but I recommend the "EuroTalk interactive programs, TALK NOW" CD's to get started.

AshleeMonday 04th of April 2005 02:35:00 PM
Books - I've done a bit of research and these books are on my list:

Icelandic: Grammar, Texts, Glossary by Stefán Einarsson
ISBN: 0801863570
Click [url=]here[/url] for the page

It's a solid introduction to Icelandic that was published in 1945 - old style grammar. This may put you off, but I think this kind of book is essential if you're serious.

Colloquial Icelandic: The Complete Course for Beginners by Daisy L. Neijmann
ISBN: 0415207088
Click [url=]here[/url] for the page

A modern book that would probably (going by the title) teach a more informal, spoken style of language. It comes with 2 cassettes and apparently this one is supposed to come with 2 free CDs as well, but one reviewer doesn't seem to have received theirs. I wouldn't use this as a replacement for a thorough grammar book, but I'd use it after I had been through the above book.

Note: if you're thinking of getting this book, make sure you check the ISBN - the one above is more expensive and comes with cassettes (and CDs apparently..) and another version of the book with ISBN: 0415207061 does not appear to come with cassettes.
aantiixMonday 23rd of May 2005 11:45:31 PM
- Gummi1984 - Thanks for the tips on similar languages.

Ashlee - I will definatly look into those books, thanks.
sofilosWednesday 01st of June 2005 08:05:06 PM
- Some friends told me that the new edition of Teach yourself Icelandic by Hildur Jonsdottir is also very good.