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ksg555_92Monday 20th of December 2004 11:07:41 AM
HINDI or GUJARATI - Does anyone want to learn Hindi or Gujarati
KevlarMonday 20th of December 2004 03:34:11 PM
- HI.
Yes I'd be really glad if you could help me out with my Hindi. I can read and write pretty well, but have trouble conversing in Hindi.

sweetsoulFriday 21st of January 2005 08:25:13 AM
- hi there...
i also want to learn hindi. But i dont speak it or understand it. Hope that u can help me;)
rajtThursday 17th of February 2005 08:12:31 AM
dying to speak hindi - Pls tell me how I get started to learn to speak Hindi. I know quite a bit of Hindi words, I think. I can read/write a bit....unable to speak. My wife speaks good Hindi, I want to surprise her. She has no time to teach me.....