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SherYTuesday 09th of March 2004 12:05:01 AM
RelationShip - Hi Guyz,
What do you think abt Indo-Pak Current Relationships..

SoniKuriFriday 21st of May 2004 08:51:27 PM
indo-paki relationships - I think indo-paki relationships are good because that what my parents are
shabazkijaanTuesday 15th of June 2004 02:31:22 AM
- hmm with the new generation things are better...but still not gud enuff
shekoorFriday 02nd of July 2004 10:13:35 PM
Indo Pak Relationship - A good man sould be in good term with their own neighbors so if you are not in good term with each other that means you are not ..

lsprasathSaturday 27th of November 2004 03:52:28 AM
indo-paki relationships - Currently the relation seems to be pretty good.
There are few gud signs of friendship b/w 2 countries-
1) India reduced its military force from the border.
2) There are options now open for pakistani's in india in terms of education.
3) Films taken & released in india symbolizing the relationship.
4) Transportation resumed again b/w this 2 countries.
5) Ambassador visits.

Thank God no major fights after Kargil.
We the next gen shud take care that there are no more major problems like that. Something somewhere happened which led to this seperation. We shud realise that the boundaries bw the 2 countries is really un-necessary.
kevinraulThursday 30th of December 2004 08:07:20 AM
- I think that the current scenario is pretty decent. There has not been any major issue for a long time and all seems quite on the western front. Hope that it remains so. We have already lost too many lives fighting for a lost cause.