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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 03:55:30 PM
Indonesian Tourism. Bali Island - Here is the link to My Archipelago.
hope you get the great view about Bali Island.


The never ending traditional Islands

with the more over one hundred Hindu-Bali temple

that spray out in every place

on this beautiful island

and with the nice smile and the nice ceremony.

we present to you.

Bali Island. the Island of traditional mind.

A friendly and remarkably artistic people,

living amid breathtaking panoramas

have created dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies

making Bali an island almost unreal in today's hectic and changing world.

Terrace rice fields dominate the landscape

with rivers and small irrigation

streams dissecting a luscious green landscape

filling the air with enchanting sounds of running water.

with the nice people

who like to be smile with you.

and with nice ceremony

traditional custom.

and traditional life style.

Bali come to you...