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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 04:06:50 PM
Indonesian Tourism. Borneo Island. - here is the link to my Archipelago.

Kalimantan Island.

or we familiar with Borneo.

it's the great rain forest on the world.

and the biggest habitat for "Orang utan"

okey. down to jungle man!


West Kalimantan.Laying directly across the equator and the main gate way into the Province of West Kalimantan is the provincial capital of Pontianak. This rapidly developing and surprisingly large city was founded in 1771 by Syarif Abdul Rahman Al-Kadri of Saudi Arabia and is now a bustling economic hub as well as home to a sizeable university and a giant indoor sports stadium. Canals crisscross the city and one of Indonesia's longest rivers, the Kapuas 1,143 km long, divides the town in two, providing an essential and historical communications link. Like Java and Sumatera, West Kalimantan was once an important cultural crossroads.


Central Kalimantan is the biggest province of the island. It occupies a surface of 153, 800 square kilometers, most of it is jungle (80%), swamps, rivers and agricultural land. The northern area is mountainous and difficult to reach. Transportation facilities are very limited much to rough terrains. The central area is densed with fertile tropical forests, producing valuable commodities such as rattan, resin and the best woods. The southern area is swampy and has many rivers. Central Kalimantan has a humid and hot climate. in here you'll be find the "Dayak tribe" as on the picture. they are Dayak. the owner of the deeply jungle of Kalimantan.


East-Kalimantan. As a major producer of oil and timber, East Kalimantan is at present the most industrially advanced province of the island and the second largest province in Indonesia. It is also the home of the original inhabitants of Kalimantan, the Orang Gunung or Mountain People. The tribes are collectively called Dayak, although this name is not embraced by many tribe-people themselves, who prefer to be known by separate tribal names such as Iban, Punan and Banuaq.


South Kalimantan. The Meratus mountains stride through the center of the province, effectively dividing South Kalimantan into two distinct regions. The eastern part of the province is mountainous and lush with dense tropical rain forests and is home to the "Orang Gunung" or Mountain People. South Kalimantan has a wonderful traditional dress. and for the "Tiara" they has a unique accessories, it's like a long handicraft from "Janur" the coconut leaf. and the called "Kelabang" cause it's like a Lipan.

Actually Kalimantan it's a great area.

in here you can do anything.



and the others

Dayak tribe it's spray out on the all of Kalimantan area,

from Indonesia, Brunei to Malaysia.

They Life with traditional nicely culture.

Come to Kalimantan and feel the Nature.