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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 04:01:02 PM
Indonesian Tourism. Java Island. - here is the link to my Archipelago.

Java Island.

The Island where is so many people

In Indonesia


to get a better life

to get a better education

to get a better work

and the others.

Caused of that we called.

Java the Dream Island on Indonesia

WEST JAVA & BANTEN province.

West Java and Banten. The capital of West java, Bandung is situated on a plateau of 768 metres above sea level with a cool climate throughout the year. Although it has a population of over two million, the pace of city life is slower than Jakarta's.

Several institutes of higher education are located here, including the country's prestigious Bandung Institute of Technology. There are short drives to the mountain resorts of Lembang and the Bosscho Observatory, and higher to the volcanic crater of Tangkuban Perahu, the only crater in Java accessible all the way by car as for as its rim. It is an awe-inspiring sight of emanating sulphur fumes. Descent into all the volcano's 12 craters is only possible with the aid of an experienced guide, because of the presence of suffocating gases at certain spots.

Beside of that, the capital city of Banten, Serang is situated on the seashore, Banten it's nice province, almost all of the city is situated on the north seashore. and the south area of this province. You can find out the "Badui" tribe who lives on the jungle of Banten. badui has the great view of nature, just walk to 6 to 14 hours with your "feet" and you'll be come into Tribe area of Badui. hey I've did it! and it's cool!


Jakarta is the main gateway to Indonesian archipelago. It is a contrast of modern western architecture and traditional Indonesian culture. Its rapid growth into a metropolitan city, however, is a reflection of the economic, political, social and industrial development of the nation. and Jakarta people it's more like western life style. Jakarta has a greatest Mall on the south-east Asia. we called "Taman Anggrek Mall" it's a greatest one to visited! Jakarta it's the complex teritory on indonesia, on the land Jakarta is the great land with the glowing light on the night and the traffic problem on the morning. but on the north, on the "Seribu Islands" Jakarta is the friendly place.... you can eat the Seafood with the cozy soul! with the diversity between land on the south and Islands on the north, we'll be say..... Jakarta...the fusion city!


Central Java. History has left its footprints everywhere in Central Java, an area rich in a culture and tradition cumulated from a powerful Hindu and Buddhist past and more recent Islamic influences. Under the Saliendra and Old Mataram kings, the Hindu Javanese culture flourished between the 8th and 10th centuries and it was during this pinnacle of power that Java's most remarkable religious monuments were built; Borobudur, the biggest and most magnificent monument to Mahayana Buddhism in the world; the enormous Hindu temple complex of Prambanan, dedicated to Shiva and built by the rulers of the Sanjaya Dynasty, and the ancient site of the oldest Hindu temples in Java on the magnificent, etherial heights of the Dieng Plateau; all of these and more are testimony to the ancient power and influence of the region.

EAST-JAVA province

The Majapahit dynasty, based in and around East Java, began the foundations of an empire that was to dominate the entire Indonesian archipelago, the Malay peninsula and part of the Philippines, also establishing profitable trade relations with China, Cambodia, Siam, Burma and Vietnam.

The Monument on the picture called "Tugu Pahlawan" it's build to remember the patriot who was death on the war to proclaim the Republic of Indonesia.

The Capital city of East-Java called, Surabaya, Surabaya means "Sura = Shark and Baya = Crocodile" it caused the ancient of Surabaya have so many crocodile and the shark on their area.