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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 04:11:04 PM
Indonesian Tourism. Maluku Islands. - here is my link to my Archipelago.

Maluku it's the nice islands

with two different culture

on the North


The South.

Maluku try to give a nice

Over view to you.


Maluku lies across a transition zone between

Asian and Australian fauna and flora,

and also between the Malay-based cultures

of western Indonesia and those of Melanesia.

There are over 1,000 islands in the province,

most of which are uninhabited.

85% of Maluku is water and it sits astride one of

the world's most actively volatile volcanic belts.

The region has been known for its

more than 70 eruptions over the last 400 years.

Tremors and volcanic explosions are

by no means rare events and,

in fact,

many of the islands form classic scenes of

volcanic cones rising out of the sea.