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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 04:46:15 PM
Indonesian Tourism. Sumatera Island. - here is the link to my Archipelago.

This is Sumatera island.

an Island with the most of Malayan Culture in there.

from Aceh on the west to Lampung on the east.

Sumatra take you on the Malayan Tradition.

Sumatera Island.


Nangroe Aceh Darussalam was the first territory in Indonesia having vital communication with the outside world in the early 9th century situated at the north western end of Sumatra. It was mentioned on the sixth century Chinese chronicles that there was a kingdom namely Po-Li existed on the northern point of what is now Sumatra. It became one of the most important commerce centre related to the Arabic and Indian literature written in 9th century. The first Islamic kingdom was established in 804 and the result was that the region developed became an advance centre, a gate for Islamic learning, known as a veranda of Mecca


North Sumatera. Samosir Island lies in the midst of the Batak country. The principal Batak tribes live around the lake-on the shore the Toba's, on the east the Timurs, on the north the Karos, and on the west the Pakpaks(Dairi). All these regard Samosir as their homeland, and it may therefore be surmised that this island contains all sorts of ancient relics, of the great interest to study of the Bataks. The oldest Batak tribes settled in this region. The marga (above) is a geneaological unit and owns the Batak ground. and Like on Picture, the pupets called "Si Gale-gale" and this is a traditional story about bataks man who live on samosir Island.


Riau and Riau Islands. Scattered across the South China Sea like grains of white sand, which dominate its many coastlines, Riau Archipelago is home to over 3,200 islands. Many of the Riau islands are blessed with beautiful deserted beaches, coral reefs and tropical jungle. A third of the islands are uninhabited, even unnamed, as the archipelago stretches along a 1,000 km belt into the remote corners of the South China Sea. Riau and Riau island Province is the great Malayan Culture in Indonesia. they have a strong line with Johor and the other Malaysian Culture.


West Sumatera. Dominated by jungles, volcanoes canyons and lakes, the province of West Sumatera is an enormous and magnificent nature park. It is the home of the Minangkabau, one of Indonesia most interesting and influential ethnic groups. The Minangkabau are versatile and intelligent people who lead a community and family life based on a matrilineal system which gathers around mosques and traditional adat houses. It is the women who own a property and the men who choose to wander. Traveling is considered a mark of success and therefore many West Sumaterans are found in other parts of the country. in here their take down to "Matrilineal" system. and the woman is very.. very respected on their community.


South Sumatera and Bangka & Belitung. One of the greatest kingdoms in Indonesia history, the Buddhist Empire of Sriwijaya, prospered and grew along the bank of the Musi River in South Sumatera over a thousand years ago. Located in the southern-most rim of the South China Sea, close to one of the world's busiest shipping lanes linking the Far East with Europe, the region's historical background is rich and colorful.

BENGKULU province.

Bengkulu. In the period of Dutch colony, Bengkulu had been exploited thoroughly by various efforts. The power of colony had covered all village's aspect of life, such as Kultuurstelsel coffee planting, exploitation of gold-mining, taxes, various contributions and fines which had to be collected. The schools were restricted on low grade education, and it was provided for just a few certain people to cover the shortage of low workers. The different classification between indigenous people with Western and Chinese had been instilled, aimed to increase the profit and keeping the stability of colonial power. This situation went on until the Japanese army entered Bengkulu to grab the Dutch power in 1942.

JAMBI province.

Jambi. a nicely mountain and jungle province. Jambi has a "Anak dalam"tribe on the deeply mountain, and know... we have joined the good relation with them. "Anak dalam" tribe has a wonderful nature... and if you want to come Jambi. You must see it!

LAMPUNG province.

Lampung. it's stand up on east Sumatera, Lampung has a great beach, they called "Pantai pasir putih" and the area conservation of Elephant, they called "Way Kambas" in Way kambas. you can see the great Elephant. and how to take care the Elephant. maybe you'll be see the something rough from the elephant trainer when they have teaching their elephant.