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Blue WatchMonday 10th of January 2005 09:55:30 AM
Learning Indo - Hey Aussie Angel, I look forward to when we can order a drink in Pub Bagus without using english.
bennylinMonday 10th of January 2005 12:18:54 PM
- hi.. nice to meet you, Blue Watch.

would you tell us here where is this 'Pub Bagus' pub? so that we can visit it next time... Is it on Bali or else?

see ya around
Blue WatchSunday 16th of January 2005 10:42:25 AM
Pub Bagus - Hi there Bennylin, I dont know if you got my mesage before, I think i may have sent it in-correctly. Pub Bagus is in Poppy Lane 2, near Poppys Lane 1 and close to the site of the Sari Club, in Bali of course. Please let me know if this is enough information or if I can help any furthur. If possible, coule you please drop a quik message to my in box so I can see that I havent sent this again in-correctly. Peter.
Born2bteaserSaturday 02nd of April 2005 08:12:06 PM
Need help - Hi there do u have any prog. or software that teaching u speak indonesian

I need it badly

Highly Appreciated
bennylinFriday 29th of April 2005 12:30:53 PM
- never sees one.

I'll probably going to make it sometime in the future (if nobody is going to do that)