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JackSaturday 17th of April 2004 06:49:26 PM
Anyone need help? - I am quite competent in speaking Indonesian, so anyone with any questions please make a new topic.

By learning you will teach, and by teaching you will learn.
foolishmovmentThursday 06th of May 2004 08:51:11 AM
indo - i would realy like to learn more indonesian words and how to write also in the language.
SuseSaturday 08th of May 2004 05:58:53 PM
- I would like some help! i have to do a 500 word essay, and a 5 minute talk at the end of semester!
JackMonday 10th of May 2004 12:07:45 PM
- Welcome to Phrasebase Suse. Maybe you could post a draft on here or if you prefer you could email and bennylin or myself could give you some assistance.
bennylinWednesday 12th of May 2004 12:33:00 AM
- how long have you learnt Indonesian, Suse?
do you need Phrases for any phrase(s), just post it in this thread.
rowanMonday 19th of July 2004 07:39:30 PM
Learnin indonesian - I would love to learn indonesian! If anybody could help me with this issue i would be extremely grateful!!
Please somebody help!
bennylinTuesday 20th of July 2004 02:17:19 PM
- well, raise your question.
kevindingTuesday 20th of July 2004 08:09:40 PM
- How to say 36.5, 65%, and 1/4? Thanks
bennylinWednesday 21st of July 2004 02:22:45 PM
- 36.5 = tiga puluh enam koma lima
'tiga puluh' = thirty
'enam' = six
'koma' = comma, point
'lima' = five

65% = enam puluh lima persen
'enam puluh' = sixty
'lima' = five
'persen' = percent

1/4 = satu per empat (or 'seperempat' short form)
'satu' = one
'per' = per
'empat' = four

'seperempat' ---> se + per + empat (se = satu) = one fourth
jakesjerkyWednesday 01st of September 2004 01:59:46 PM
im new help! - i just decided to learn indo, could someone help me fron the start, please
bennylinSunday 12th of September 2004 04:06:37 AM
- you can read all my posts, jakesjerky, just tell me where you want to start, okay :D
west_auzzie_chickTuesday 18th of January 2005 05:28:57 PM
learning indonesian - hey could someone help me to learn indonesian? i am going to the country this year and would love to atleast have a conversation with the people =)
west_auzzie_chickTuesday 18th of January 2005 05:41:13 PM
- i you can help me just PM me... thanks heaps
bennylinWednesday 19th of January 2005 01:04:42 PM
- okay, i already give you my messenger address, in case you want a teleconversation in Indonesia with me. :D
~*Jasmine_333*~Wednesday 26th of January 2005 01:06:32 PM
- Hello, I would like to learn Indonesian, and mostly be able to talk to people around my age, without seeming too proper, or to formal,(teenagers, high school students.)
I would like to learn a little Indonesian Slang too. because I am going to Indonesia soon, and I would just like to fit in good, and sound like an Indonesian.
But would it be better if I just learn the normal, or basic language first?
kanaaFriday 25th of March 2005 10:20:29 PM
E friend needed! - I am starting a course in Indonesian at University in September and I would like to get some practice in conversational Indonesian.
I have been teaching myself basics like timing and word stress, and the basic fonology.
Living in Scotland there are very few native speakers of Indonesian so I hoped someone would write me emails in Indonesian so I can translate and try to reply in Indonesian also.
I have nothing to offer in return as I only speak English at the moment I'm afraid. So I would be very grateful for any help.
LaZingaraMonday 28th of March 2005 11:34:33 AM
- I would appreciate any help given to me. I am very interested in learning Indonesian, but at this moment I only know a few words and own a very small phrase book. I have tried to find other books on Indonesian, but most of the ones I find and read up upon either aren't very good or the vocabulary is out of date or something.
chudoriMonday 18th of April 2005 05:03:57 PM
Indonesian language assistance - Hi, I am an Australian who may be able to assist those who speak english to learn indonesian. Just PM me if you would like some assistance.

Halo, saya seorang dari Australia yang mungkin dapat menolongi orang yang berbahasa inggris dan ingin belajar bahasa indonesia. Hanya kirim PM kepada saya saja kalau anda ingin ditolongi.

Kalau anda seorang indonesia yang ingin belajar bahasa inggris, mungkin kita bisa saling membantu.