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bush_boy15Saturday 01st of May 2004 06:53:52 PM
Begginer - I want to learn how to speak indonesian. Can anyone help me?
bennylinMonday 03rd of May 2004 12:14:07 PM
- hi, bush_boy..
just tell me what do you want to learn, maybe I, or Jack can help you.

how about number. anybody want to learn number in Indonesian?
bush_boy15Friday 07th of May 2004 07:01:16 PM
Anything - Hey, i would like to learn anything, it doesn't fuss me. what ever would be good.
bennylinWednesday 12th of May 2004 12:35:29 AM
- me and Jack have posted Indonesian numbers. Indonesian as native language already available in PhraseBase. soon, i'll finish phrase translation in translation section. visit it, and give us some feedback
idJoeMonday 10th of January 2005 05:02:41 AM
Berapa orang Indonesia yg aktif? - Benny, berapa orang indonesia yang aktif si Pharse base?
Koq sepertinya sedikit banget, ya?
bennylinTuesday 11th of January 2005 12:57:39 PM
- how many active Indonesian people here?
I think less than ten Indonesian that I saw around here, and no one can be categorized as 'active' :D
so the answer probably is two, you and me :P

in Indonesian:

saya tidak melihat ada orang 'Indonesia' lain yang aktif di sini. tapi ada beberapa orang yang bisa berbahasa Indonesia dan aktif posting dalam bahasa Indonesia. Dua orang yang terpikirkan saat ini adalah tinkerb dan Jack. Jeff (pendiri situs ini) kelihatannya juga bisa berbahasa Indonesia, tapi saya tidak pernah melihatnya posting menggunakan bahasa itu.