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matahijauThursday 22nd of July 2004 11:19:15 AM
binatang - Selamat siang,

Just thought I would put out an idea for a vocab lesson: animals, or binatang.

I don't know many, but I'll put down a few that I can remember. Please add to the list!

cow - sapi (saya tinggal di pertanian... jadi saya kenal sekali binatang ini!)
dog - anjing
cat - kucing
goose - angsa (at least I think so... one Indonesian man told me he thought it meant duck...)

Would someone also use some of their words in complete Indonesian sentences? (perhaps Benny?) That would be great!
bennylinThursday 22nd of July 2004 04:56:04 PM
- first of all, there is already a section for animals translation from English to Indonesia, matahijau. here's the link


but i think maybe we can complete the list, because i saw there are many animals not included on the lists, can't we Jeff?

so.. here we go

the words inside the bracket is notes, sometimes literal meaning of the translation

Hedgehog: landak
Mole: tikus mondok

Bat: kelelawar

Chimpanzee: simpanse
Gibbon: siamang
Gorilla: gorila
Lemur: lemur
Monkey: kera, monyet
Orangutan: orangutan

Armadillo: armadilo
Anteater: pemakan semut

Pangolin: trenggiling

Hare: marmut
Rabbit: kelinci

Beaver: berang-berang (always in plural form, although singular. single word 'berang' means angry)
Chipmunk: tupai
Squirrel: bajing
Gerbil: tikus gurun (desert rats)
Hamster: hamster
Mouse, rat: tikus
Porcupine: landak (same with hedgehog)
Prairie dog, groundhog: tikus tanah (soil / ground rats)

Dolphin: lumba-lumba (always in plural form, although singular)
Whale: paus (because Pope also called Paus, whale usually called whale fish 'ikan paus')

Fox: rubah
Wolf: serigala
Coyote: anjing hutan (forest dog)
Dog: anjing
Jackal: serigala (same with wolf)
Bear: beruang
Polar bear: beruang kutub
Brown bear: beruang cokelat
Black bear: beruang hitam
Honey bear: beruang madu
Panda: panda
Raccoon: rakun
Weasel, mink: cerpelai, musang
Ferret: musang
Sea lion: singa laut
Walrus: beruang laut (sea bear)
Seal: anjing laut (sea dog)
Elephant Seal: gajah laut (sea elephant)
Skunks: sigung
Linsang: linsang (from Javanese word, an Indonesian animal, used to be wrongly translated as 'otter' in English dictionary)
Mongoose: cerpelai (same translation with weasel)
Meerkat: (remember Timon in Lion King? i don't know the translation. probably there isn't yet. use 'cerpelai')
Hyena: hyena
Cat: kucing
Wild cat, lynx: kucing liar
Bobcat (similar to lynx): bobcat
Lion: singa, leo
Tiger: macan, harimau
Leopard: macan tutul (dotted tiger)
Puma, panther, cougar: macan kumbang (beetle tiger), puma, panther
Cheetah: cheetah
Jaguar: jaguar

Aardvark: pemakan semut (ant eater. it have the same name with South American anteater, because African aardvark have similar habits, eat ants and termites)

Elephant: gajah

Horse: kuda
Donkey: keledai
Rhinoceros: badak
Tapir (same family with rhino): tapir
Zebra: kuda zebra (zebra horse)

-bull: banteng
-cow: sapi
-ox: lembu jantan
-buffalo, american bison: bison
-water buffalo: kerbau (can be found in Indonesia)
Camel: unta
Llama (same family with camel): llama
Giraffe: jerapah
Deer: rusa, menjangan
Gazelle: kancil, pelanduk, rusa kecil (small deer)
Antelope: kijang
Reindeer: rusa kutub
Goat: kambing
Goat antelope, mountain goat: kambing gunung
Hippopotamus: kuda nil (Nile River horse)
Pig: babi
Boar, wild boar: babi hutan (forest pig)
Sheep: domba
Ram (male sheep): biri-biri (always in plural form, although singular)
Lamb (young sheep): domba muda

Opossum = luak

Koala = koala
Cuscus = kuskus
Kangaroo, wallaby, pademelon (different in size) = kanguru
Tree kangaroo (another kind of kangaroo found in Indonesia) = kanguru pohon
Possum = possum, tikus pohon (tree rat)

the rest (other than mammal) will be coming soon

note for edited page: in my previous post i put the family name instead of number. but i thought it was unnecessary, so i changed it to number. also added #14 and #15
matahijauThursday 22nd of July 2004 08:14:06 PM
- Thanks for the link to the translation benny... I wasn't aware of it.

I was hoping to just practice a little vocab though. It is a language exchange not a science lesson, eh? I don't know about the rest of you out there, but those are WAY to many animals for me to memorize all at once!! I was thinking more on the lines of about ten or twenty new animals for my vocabulary! Anyway, if nobody is interested, feel free to start a new thread! Otherwise, here are a couple sentence that I am going to write for practice:

1. Saya melihat banyak kuda yang berlari.
2. Serigala itu membunuh domba.
3. Harimau pemburu bagus sekali.
4. Saya belum naik unta.
5. Tikus binatang kecil.
matahijauThursday 22nd of July 2004 08:19:23 PM
- [quote]Originally posted by bennylin
Beaver: berang-berang (always in plural form, although singular. single word 'berang' means angry)[/quote]
I find that very interesting Benny! It reminds me of some similar words:

butterfly - kupu-kupu
squid - cumi-cumi

Can you think of any others?
bennylinFriday 23rd of July 2004 03:03:19 PM
- you're right, it's not science lesson. so i'll just edit it and change all family class into number.

there are some other animals which have that kind of irregularity in their name.

1. berang-berang = beaver
2. lumba-lumba = dolphin
3. biri-biri = ram
4. kupu-kupu = butterfly
5. cumi-cumi = squid
6. ubur-ubur = jellyfish
7. kura-kura = turtle
8. laba-laba = spider
9. alap-alap = like hawk, like falcon, like eagle. i don't know which one
9. kunang-kunang = (insects that glows in the night)
10. undur-undur = (an insect name. hard to explain...)
11. ...i'll post it as soon as i remember one.

for they who are not familiar with Indonesian, here is the explanation. English use -s to mark plural form of a noun (beavers, dolphins, butterflies, etc). in Indonesian, if we want to make a plural form of a noun, we just call it two times connected with dash, e.g.: dogs = anjing-anjing, cats = kucing-kucing, etc. Now, the list above is kind of 'irregularity', because there is no single form of those animal. 'This spider' translated 'laba-laba ini'. 'These spiders' translated 'laba-laba-laba-laba ini' :D funny, huh.

oh yeah, matahijau, i was thinking that we must familiar with all land animals, right, that's why i try to find all animals that can be translated, at least this moment. i chose land animals (mammals), because i don't know all fishes and birds name. i found that those links that i gave is interesting, and quite complete. so...

anyway.. your third sentence is quite strange, matahijau. please correct me if i false in translating those sentences:
1. I see (saw) many horses run.
2. The (that) wolf kills the (that) lamb.
3. Hunter tiger (?) is very good.
4. I never (have not) ride (rode) camel before.
5. Mouse (rat) is a small animal.

kerja yang bagus!
bennylinFriday 23rd of July 2004 04:14:04 PM
Fish - First thing, i don't know many fishes name, but i think this site will help me


blowfish = ikan buntal, ikan gembung, ikan durian
bonito = ikan cakalang
bream = ikan kakap
catfish = ikan lele
carp = ikan mas
goldfish = ikan mas koki
herring = ikan hering
mackerel = ikan kembung
piranha = ikan piranha
salmon = ikan salmon, ikan salem
sardine = ikan lemuru
shark = ikan hiu
sole - ikan lidah
stingray = ikan pari
swordfish = ikan todak, ikan pedang
tuna = ikan tongkol
white bait = ikan teri
yellowtail = ikan sunglir

octopus, devilfish = gurita
squid = cumi-cumi
jellyfish = ubur-ubur
starfish = bintang laut
sea urchin = landak laut
clam = kerang
abalone = kerang laut
oyster = tiram
eel = belut
crab = kepiting
shrimp, prawn = udang
lobster = lobster, udang karang

edited: add some fishes
matahijauFriday 23rd of July 2004 09:39:30 PM
- Your fish list is a bit daunting for me as well, Benny, but the "irregular" animal names are pretty cool! Saya harus belajar kata-kata itu lebih banyak.

In my third sentence I was attempting to say, "The tiger is a good hunter." How would you say that?

bennylinSaturday 24th of July 2004 12:26:51 AM
- it would be

Harimau adalah pemburu yang bagus sekali

in this sentence 'adalah' is like 'to be (is, am, are)' in English
matahijauSaturday 24th of July 2004 07:16:35 AM
- Could you explain when to use "adalah"? It seems like most of the time the English "to be" is dropped in the translation, so I'm not exactly sure when "adalah" is necessary. Terima Kasih!
bennylinSunday 25th of July 2004 12:54:27 AM
- i think same as english, you should have 'to be' or 'adalah'
you can drop it by put a ","

Harimau, pemburu yang bagus sekali
Tiger, a good hunter, (usually followed by something)

can you give me example from the book you read where you saw 'adalah' is dropped?
bennylinSunday 25th of July 2004 02:10:06 AM
Amphibians and Reptiles - 1.
newt = kadal air
salamander = salamander
frog = katak
toad = kodok

alligator = buaya
crocodile (croc) = buaya
lizard = kadal
komodo dragon = komodo
chameleon = bunglon
iguana = iguana
monitor lizard = biawak
wall lizard = bengkarung
house gecko = cicak
tokay (true gecko) = tokek
snake = ular
cobra = ular kobra
phyton = ular piton
boa = ular boa
sea snake = ular laut
rattlesnake = ular derik
turtle (usually refer to sea turtle) = kura-kura, penyu
sea turtle = penyu
tortoise = kura-kura
tinkerbSaturday 11th of December 2004 11:25:22 AM
- When I was taking classes, we learned that ada was the English equivalent of "to be" or is/are/was/were and in some cases, works almost as "to have."

Dia ada rumah yang besar.
Ada seorang yang bisa mengajar Bahasa Belanda di sini.

Here's a simple example of ada being dropped:

Nama saya Tinker.

We also learned that adalah was used when trying to elicit a specific definition or answer.

Madagaskar adalah satu bangsa di Afrika.

Perhaps this helps? Kalau Ben atau yang lain yang bisa menjelaskan apa yang terjadi di sini, saya terlalu tertarik untuk membaca penjelasan2 yang berkaitan dengan ilmu bahasa.

Terima kasih banyak!
bennylinSunday 12th of December 2004 12:27:10 AM
- "ada" could means:
1. to have - in "dia ada rumah yang besar" which in English means "he have a big house"

2. there is, there are, there was, there were, there will be... - in "ada se(se)orang yang bisa mengajar bahasa Belanda di sini" which in English means "there is someone that could teach Dutch language here"

small note:
seseorang = someone ;
seorang ... = a ... ;
seorang guru = a teacher ;
satu orang = a man ;

if you use "seorang", you must define the person you refer to. another way to say your second sentence "Ada seorang profesor yang bisa mengajar bahasa Belanda di sini" which in English means "there is a professor that could teach Dutch language here"

3. -special case- "ada apa?", "ada masalah apa?", "ada berita apa?" (basically a lot of question that starts with "ada" and ends with "apa?") which in English means "what's happen / what's going on", "what's the problem", "what's in the news" in the same order

-in sentence "Nama saya Tinker" what happened is not "ada" being dropped, but "adalah" is being dropped. the complete form is "Nama saya adalah Tinker" - "My name is Tinker". Here the explanation about "adalah" below

"adalah" (from the word "ada" and postfix "-lah") could means :
1. is, am, are: "saya adalah pelajar", "Dina adalah temanku", "mereka berempat adalah guru besar di Universitas Indonesia" - which in English means "i'm a student", "Dina is my friend", "the four of them are professor in the University of Indonesia"

2. (like tinker said) 'to elicit a specific definition or answer' which basically is the same with #1

by the way, this doens't related to animal at all, does it? ^.^ but it's okay.

tinker, did you want to say "I always interests to read all explanation that related to linguistics" (saya SELALU tertarik...) instead of "I'm too interested to read all explanation that related to linguistics" (saya TERLALU tertarik...)?

good job with the Indonesian sentence though.

tinkerbSunday 12th of December 2004 02:38:48 PM

Terima kasih Ben!

No, this doesn't have anything to do with animals at this point, but I thought it was turning into an interesting conversation. :)

Thanks for correcting my sentences...I meant selalu and not terlalu, and should have thought a little harder before I wrote. It's been over a year since I was in Indonesia, and I expect to go back sometime in 2005 or 2006. So I need to get my Indonesian in tip top shape!

Just as an aside, do you think we could start some of the vocab, sentence, and story games here? I think it would be really helpful!
bennylinMonday 13th of December 2004 07:36:49 PM
i'm absolutely going to do it after i finish all the translation English-Indonesia (i promised Jeff to finish it as soon as i finish all my final exams)

would you like to start it first? you can practice your vocabulary and writing too.