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kevindingMonday 05th of July 2004 02:35:45 PM
Help me - I am learining Malay Language, and I feel that the weeks is difficult to remember, who can help me to solve the proble?
Terima Kasih.
bennylinTuesday 06th of July 2004 12:09:15 PM
- hi, kevin, i'm very happy that you'd like to learn Indonesian Language. just post what phrase or word that you want to know, and i'll try to translate it. or give me a situatiation of some conversation, so that i can make the dialogue. it's up to you, i'm here to teach :P

i'm planning to post something like online Indonesian language class in here, phrasebase, hope that it will realized soon. by that time coming, you can always ask me via this discuss or send me a PM
bennylinTuesday 06th of July 2004 12:17:46 PM
- okay, so you want the easy way to remember the day of weeks i guess...


Monday - Senin (read: seh-neen)
Tuesday - Selasa (read: seh-lah-sah)
Wednesday - Rabu (read: rab-boo)
Thursday - Kamis (read: come-is)
Friday - Jumat (read: joom-ath)
Saturday - Sabtu (read: sab-too)
Sunday - Minggu (read: ming-goo)

i wrote the pronounciation based on English Language, so maybe you need to set your default language here as English.

how to remember those name of days? well, learning language is about practicing. try to read those name of days in loud voice everyday. soon you'll remember those names.

post here again soon! i'll be waiting your next question
kevindingTuesday 06th of July 2004 03:15:33 PM
- thanks for your kindly reply, acutualy Malay's Grammar is much easier, but the words for us is quite difficult, it doesn't like French or German, some Europe language's words are similar. But Malay is different, and usuallly have to spend a lot of time to remember the words. Because I am live in Shanghai, we've got ample resource of English, Jap, French, German language, but lack of less-used language resource. Would u please recommend some website for me to learn Malay? Thanks.
bennylinWednesday 07th of July 2004 04:21:55 AM
- can you define what is 'us' word that you have? is that people with your language? or people without Malay/Indonesian native language? do you want to learn Indonesian language (which is slightly different, but basically the same with Malay)
i do have adresses for learn that by yourself, let me send you a PM soon after i find my list somewhere. but you can stick around here, though, because i'll try to teach from the basic. have you learn the Number that i posted in Indonesian discuss, kevin?
kevindingWednesday 07th of July 2004 08:05:23 AM
- i am learning Malay from this websit

I mentioned the us language is Chinese and English. I feel Malay Language words is diferent with english words, so it's hard to remember
bennylinMonday 12th of July 2004 02:31:45 PM
- hohoho, what do you mean? we (Malay and Indonesian) use exactly the same 26 Latin-based alphabet. only it's pronounciation a little different, especially it's vocal voice (a-e-i-o-u). Well, after all every language have something special about it, right?

a pronounced aaaa(h)
e pronounced like e in egg
i pronounced ee (bee, fee, gee, lee, pee, see)
o pronounced o
u pronounced different with English. the closest is chinese character 'u' itself, actually i can say a,e,i,o,u pronounced the same with chinese, since you already know chinese language
idJoeMonday 10th of January 2005 05:16:02 AM
- i pronounced as ee but shorter, sometimes like pronounced like 'i' in 'in'.
u pronounced as oo, but shorter. It is equal to German 'u', like 'Zug', or even more similar to Japanese 'u'.
e has three pronunciation. First, like 'a' in 'about', e.g 'emas' (gold). Second, like 'e' in 'egg', and the third is like japanese 'e'.
bennylinTuesday 11th of January 2005 01:08:50 PM
- to complete what Joe's wrote:

I think the pronounciation of 'e' in Japanese more like 'i' in Indonesia. but i'm agree that there are three 'e's in Indonesia.

in Indonesian equivalent with 'e' in 'enak' in English equivalent with 'e' in 'egg'
in Indonesian equivalent with 'e' in 'emas' in English equivalent with 'ea' in 'earn'
in Indonesian equivalent with 'e' in 'ejek' in English equivalent with 'a' in 'andy'

please correct me if i wrote it wrong