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tinkerbSaturday 11th of December 2004 08:29:27 PM
Indonesian bookstores - I find reading one of the best ways to keep up language skills, so I started thinking...

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a RELIABLE online Indonesian bookstore?

Is Gramedia considered reliable for international deliveries?

Any advice or thoughts would be great.
bennylinSunday 12th of December 2004 12:03:46 AM
- i can help you as much as i want to in this matter, since i never buy a book online in Indonesia before (partly because it's not really famous at the time i left my country to study at US, when i first time spent my money online)

but in my humble opinion is this. GRAMEDIA bookstore, is the biggest bookseller in Indonesia. that means they have the biggest collection of book. but for delivery service, payment service, etc, i believe if they is reliable. but how far is their reliability, i never have a chance to proof it nor have a friend that ever bought book online from another country.

note: personally i would trust gramedia.
tinkerbSunday 12th of December 2004 02:43:33 PM

Thanks for the advice.

Gramedia has a great online site . I found the books I was looking for, and they all cost between 3-5 dollars, which is significantly better than what they would cost here. The problem is shipping is outrageous! For a 3 kg shipment it costs 961,000 rupiah, which was about $90-ish dollars according to Friday's exchange rates.

I guess I'll have to think about this and perhaps save up for the shipping. I can buy the same books through a supplier here but they end up costing $70 more than Gramedia with shipping, but I get charged about $12 for shipping and $50 per book! I wish this were an easier process!

Do you know of any other Indonesian book dealers in the US or Europe that have online websites?
bennylinMonday 13th of December 2004 07:55:36 PM
- wow. that's very...very expensive.

i created a login there to try it, and i have to pay Rp.245,000 for shipping for 1 book and Rp.376,000 for 3 books

don't buy it. i suggest if you have an Indonesian friend, you can ask your friend to buy the book the next time he/she goes to Indonesia. That's if you don't need it quickly. If you need the book quickly, well, you can go to Indonesia by yourself ^.^

tinkerbThursday 23rd of December 2004 02:59:07 PM

I just wanted to update everyone (mostly Ben) on my corresposndence with Gramedia Online. I selected 5 books and confirmed that they were very affordable.

However, as we previously discussed here, shipping is listed as very expensive. So I wrote an email and asked if my books could be weighed prior to the order, so I knew how many Rupiah it might cost. The email I received back was extremely polite but stated that Gramedia will not weigh the books until they have already been confirmed ordered.

In my case I decided to scrap this idea, and bought the same books in another language I am working on from a European bookstore and even with the difference between the dollar and the Euro, paid significantly less than Gramedia wanted.

So I think the lesson is that one shouldn't order books through Gramedia unless they really need them or are able and willing to pay an exorbitant shipping cost that can't be confirmed until after the order charges to a credit card.
bennylinFriday 24th of December 2004 11:41:09 PM
- hmm that's too bad. i'm already looking at several online bookstore, but none of them sell Indonesian book (and even they are, that's not gonna guarantee they have what are you looking for). maybe someone gonna start open an Indonesian bookstore to other countries?
tinkerbSaturday 25th of December 2004 01:59:37 PM

I think the best option is to look for online bookstores in Australia that sell Indonesian language books and ship internationally. Sometime in the future, I will spend some more time looking into this. The prices will be substantially more expensive than those within Indonesia, but the Australians will have the advantage of proximity (to Indonesia) and the possibility of offering affordable shipping (due to the variety and quality of shipping options).

Thanks Benny, for all your help in this matter. It is much appreciated!!