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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 03:24:05 PM
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Indonesian Phrase 08

Format Used:

English Phrase

Indonesian Phrase / American-English Transcription/


Perasaan & Pendapat.

Do you like it?

apakah anda menyukainya? / a-pa-kah an-da men-nyu-ka-ee-nya

I like it

Saya menyukainya / sa-ya men-nyu-ka-ee-nya

I am happy

saya senang / sa-ya se-nang

I am angry

saya marah / sa-ya ma-rah

I am disappointed

saya kecewa / sa-ya ke-ce-wa

I am content


I am tired

saya (merasa) lelah / sa-ya (me-ra-sa) le-lah

I am affraid

saya (merasa) takut / sa-ya (me-ra-sa) ta-kut

I am warm

saya (merasa) hangat / sa-ya (me-ra-sa) hang-at

I am cold

saya (merasa) dingin / sa-ya (me-ra-sa) ding-een

I am sleepy

Saya (merasa) mengantuk / sa-ya (me-ra-sa) me-ngan-tuk

We like it here

kami suka disini / ka-mee su-ka dee-see-nee

It's (very) interesting

itu (sangat menyenangkan / ee-tu sang-at me-nye-nang-kan

We find it very interesting

kami merasa itu sangat menyenangkan / ka-mee me-ra-sa ee-tu sa-ngat me-nye-nang-kan

It's (very) boring

itu (sangat) membosankan / ee-tu sa-ngat mem-bo-san-kan

It's beautiful

indahnya / een-dah-nya (for the things)

cantiknya / can-teek-nya (for the human, especially a girl)

He's (very) handsome

dia (sangat) tampan / dee-a (sa-ngat) tam-pan

She's (very) pretty

dia (sangat) cantik / dee-a (sang-at) can-teek

He's hot!

dia mengairahkan / dee-a meng-ga-ee-rah-kan

She's hot

dia menggairahkan / dee-a meng-ga-ee-rah-kan

He/she very kind

dia sangat menyenangkan / dee-a sa-ngat me-nye-nang-kan


lihat / lee-hat


dengarkan! / de-ngar-kan


keren / ke-ren


mengagumkan / me-nga-gum-kan


Indonesian has a "feel word" to show what you feel inside

I am affraid

saya (merasa) takut / sa-ya (me-ra-sa) ta-kut

so you must useful "Merasa / me-ra-sa" tp show what u feel inside.

the One important to remember. don't say anything that include to the "SEX WORD" in the public place. like:

he's hot

dia menggairahkan / dee-a meng-ga-ee-rah-kan

cause if you do that, the around people will be put their eyes to your face... remember don't do that... acctually it's your privacy to do anything that you want to do. but if you want to say "He's hot"... please to say with the soft voice. remeber soft voice.....

chudoriSunday 19th of June 2005 07:36:59 PM

I though using the word for INTERESTING as MENYENANGKAN a little odd (aneh) as MENYENANGKAN means PLEASING. Interesting would better be decribed as MENARIK.

To say someone is kind would normally be DIA BAIK HATI.

Any comments?
renanMonday 20th of June 2005 05:07:06 PM
YUp Yup Chu... - yup That's right... yup yup! but please to help the others beginners...

THanks Chu......