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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 04:52:17 PM
Indonesian for Russian native. - here is the link to my Archipelago.

Indanyeziskiy Yizik Part 00 (Basic Rule)

Format used:

Indonesian Phrase

Russian phrase / Indonesian Transcription/

Basic Rule to learn Indonesian.

Present tense.

я работаю

Saya Bekerja

Ты работаешь

Kamu bekerja

Он работает

Dia bekerja

Она работает

Dia bekerja

Мы работаем

Kami bekerja

Вы работаете

Anda bekerja

Они работают

Mereka bekerja

Past Tense...

Я работал

Saya sudah bekerja

Ты работал

Kamu sudah bekerja

Он работал

Dia sudah bekerja

Она раьотала

Dia sudah bekerja

Мы работали

Kami sudah bekerja

Вы работали

Anda sudah bekerja

Они таботали

Mereka sudah bekerja

Future Tense.

Я буду работать

Saya akan bekerja

Ты будешь работать

Kamu akan bekerja

Он будет работать

Dia akan bekerja

Она будет работать

Dia akan bekerja

Мы будем работать

Kami akan bekerja

Вы будете работать

Anda akan bekerja

Они будут работать

Mereka akan bekerja


For to remember Indonesia Have a Diphthong "Ng" You can say it! Working, Swimming and the other!

I know The Russian doesn't have any diphthong like on English and Indonesia, But you can learn to Say "Ng"

Swimming, Running, Working and the other... good luck for your Diphthong Friends! :-)

Indonesia and Russia has similar work to say their sentences, has the similar on Spelling! the sentences and the spelling it's almost same right! so if you're the Russian User, don't be afraid to learn and say the Indonesian language, cause we has the same way on Spelling the sentences... :-)

Good Luck Brother... remember we has the same way on spelling, excepting on the "Diphthong" Indonesia has a Diphthong, But Russia hasn't! but don't worry... You can learn it, it's easy Brother... see you! :-)