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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 03:35:58 PM
Indonesian Hobbies - here is the link to my Archipelago.

Indonesian Phrase 11

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English Phrase

Indonesian Phrase / American-English Transcription/



What are your hobbies?

apakah hobi anda? / a-pa-kah ho-bee an-da

What do you do in your (spare time)

apakh yang anda lakukan di (waktu luang) anda / a-pa-kah yang an-da la-ku-kan dee (wak-tu lu-ang) an-da

Do you like to read?

apakah anda senang membaca? / a-pa-kah an-da se-nang mem-ba-ca

I like to cook

saya senang memasak / sa-a se-nang me-ma-sak

I like to listen to music

saya senang mendengarkan music / sa-ya se-nang men-de-ngar-kan mu-seek

I like to play the piano

saya senag memainkan piano / sa-ya se-nang me-ma-een-kan pee-a-no

I like to play the guitar

saya senag memainkan gitar / sa-ya se-nang me-ma-een-kan gee-tar

I like to sing

saya senang menyanyi / sa-ya se-nang me-nya-nyee

I like to play chess

saya senang bermain catur / sa-ya se-nang ber-ma-een ca-tur

I like to go out

saya senang jalan-jalan / sa-ya se-nang ja-lan ja-lan

I like to travel

saya senang bepergian / sa-ya se-nang be-per-gee-an

I like to go shopping

saya senang berbelanja / sa-ya se-nang ber-be-lan-ja

I like gardening

saya senang berkebun / sa-ya se-nang ber-ke-bun

I like to watch TV

saya senang menonton TV / sa-ya se-nang me-non-ton TV

I like to surf the internet

saya senang berinternet / sa-ya se-nang ber-een-ter-net

What kind of music do you like?

jenis music apakah yang anda senangi? / je-nees mu-seek a-pa-kah yang an-da se-nang-ee

I like classical music

saya senang musik klasik / sa-ya se-nang mus-seek kla-sek

I like pop music

saya senang musik pop / sa-ya se-nang mu-seek pop

I like opera

saya senang opera / sa-ya se-nang o-pe-ra

Ilike jazz

saya senang jazz / sa-ya se-nang jazz

I like techno

saya senang techno / sa-ya se-nang tech-no

I like hard rock

saya senang hard rock / sa-ya se-nang hard rock

What are you favourite bands?

apakah band favorite anda / a-pa-kah band fa-vo-reet an-da

What do you prefer?

apakah yang anda lebih senangi? a-pa-kah yang an-da le-beeh se-nang-ee

I prefer.......

saya lebih menyenangi........ / sa-ya le-beeh me-nye-nang-ee.......


Indonesian have a so many traditional music. such as

1. Dangdut, it's like an India music, but involved with malay culture

2. Sinden. a music that walk with the "wayang" this music played together with "wayang" wayang it's like an Indonesian puppets. and tell about story of ramayana and the others Indian epics