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RenanThursday 21st of April 2005 03:51:11 PM
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Indonesian Phrase 13

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English Phrase

Indonesian Phrase / American-English Transcription/


Rencana & Janji

Are you free.....

apakah anda bebas.... / a-pa-kah an-da be-bas


hari ini / ha-ree ee-nee


besok / be-sok

this evening?

sore ini... / so-re ee-nee (03.00 pm to 06.00 pm)

malam ini... / ma-lam ee-nee (06.00 pm to the night it's over)


malam ini.... / ma-lam ee-nee (absolutely 06.00 pm to...)

I have an appointment.....

saya mempunyai janji dengan..... / sa-ya mem-pu-nya-ee jan-jee de-ngan.....

I have plans already

saya telah merencanakannya / sa-ya te-lah me-ren-ca-na-kan-nya

I am going to (the movie)

saya pergi ke (bioskop) / sa-ya per-gee ke bee-os-kop

I am going to the theater

saya pergi ke teater / sa-ya per-gee ke te-a-ter

I am going to the museum

saya pergi ke musium / sa-ya per-gee ke mu-see-um

Do you want to go out with me tonight?

apakah anda ingin pergi keluar bersamaku malam ini? / a-pa-kah an-da ee-ngeen per-gee ke-lu-ar ber-sa-ma-ku ma-lam ee-nee

I'd love to

saya menyukainya / sa-ya me-nyu-ka-ee-nya

Do you have tickets

apakah anda mempunyai tiket / a-pakah an-da mem-pu-nya-ee tee-ket

I have two tickets for.....

saya mempunyai dua tiket untuk...... / sa-ya mem-pu-nya-ee du-a tee-ket un-tuk

I don't like the music

saya tidak menyukainya musiknya / sa-ya tee-da me-nyu-ka-ee mu-seek-nya

The music is too loud

musicnya terlalu pelan / mu-seek-nya ter-la-lu pe-lan

It's too crowded here

Shall we go somewhere else?

haruskah kita pergi ke tempat lain? / ha-rus-kah kee-ta per-gee ke-tem-pat la-een

What movie shall we go to?

film apakah yang harus kita tonton? / film a-pa-kah yang ha-rus kee-ta ton-ton

What did you think about the movie?

apakah yang anda pikirkan tentang filmnya? / a-pa-kah yang an-da pee-keer-kan ten-tang film-nya


In Indonesian language, we has two line to call some body!

1. You

anda / an-da , you can use this line if you want to show the respect each other, or if you get a conversation with the someone older that you, or the someone who not closer with you.

2. You

kamu / ka-mu, you can use this line if you has known a person. or if you get closer with somebody. or if you get a conversation with the someone younger than you.