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chudoriMonday 18th of April 2005 05:16:03 PM
LANGUAGE EXCHANGE - If anyone who is a native speaker of indonesian is interested in improving their english in exchange for helping me improve my indonesian I would be very greateful.

Kalau ada seorang yang bahasa aslinya adalah bahasa indonesia dan orang itu tertarik akan memperbaiki bahasa inggrisnya sebagai pertukaran untuk menolongi saya menperbaiki bahasa indonesia saya, saya akan sangat berterimakasih.
bennylinFriday 22nd of April 2005 03:23:32 AM
- chudori, apa kabar.

I'm the Indonesian moderator, and if you ask me any question regarding Indonesian language, i would gladly answer them.

or if you want to improve your conversation skill, just start having conversation with me, either via this discuss, send me PM, or send me email, or have a teleconversation using MSN Messenger with me (my computer is broken this moment, so i use my school's computer at this moment. teleconversation is not possible at least until May 05)