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exbritThursday 09th of December 2004 12:21:01 AM
need tuition - Boy do I need help! My new wife does not speak much English dan bahasa Indonesia saya tidak baik. I can't believe the length of Indonesian words! See, I do know a few words but don't know a verb from a noun! HELP...before she divorces me :-)
bennylinThursday 09th of December 2004 06:02:09 AM
- hahaha, i'm here to help ya.. just tell me what you need?

in the meantime, you can check the translation from English to Indonesian that i've already done (not complete yet though)
JackSunday 02nd of January 2005 04:15:50 PM
- Dalam bahasa Indonesia kalau ada kata-kata yang panjang, segera mencari kata dasar. Contohnya, kematiannya. Kata dasar adalah mati, artinya die dalam bahasa Ingeris.

In the Indonesian language if there are words which are long, immediately find the base word For example 'kematiannya'. The kata dasar is 'mati' which means die. -nya is a prefix which denotes that it is his/her. The ke-an prefix is called the causitive prefix, which I think Bennylin has already been through.

So, exbrit. I suggest you check Bennylin's posts on the mem-, ber-, me-kan, ter- etc prefixis.
hannesFriday 07th of January 2005 04:09:03 PM
Hello all - My wife is also Indonesian. Although her English is good, her family can not understand English. It has been 2 years, so I guess I must get along with learning Indonesian now. :p

It is tough though. I think the first steps are the worst!

The only good thing for me about Indonesian is the Dutch influence. I am Afrikaans and there are 100's of words that are almost exactly the same in Indonesian. The pronounciation is also close, although the old-style spelling would have been closer.