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west_auzzie_chickTuesday 18th of January 2005 08:22:50 PM
Pronounciation - i know this may be a lot to ask but could any1 tell me how to pronounce the expressions (indonesian) in the english-indonesian Phrases. im just learning and it would be a big help if someone could tell me =)
bennylinWednesday 19th of January 2005 12:27:50 PM
- feel free to ask me what pronounciation you might feel difficult.

silakan bertanya kepada saya tentang cara pengucapan kata-kata dalam bahasa Indonesia

bennylinWednesday 19th of January 2005 02:57:48 PM
- well, the big problem here is that there are 1000++ phrases in the database, so it will be forever to put in here the pronounciation, and it will be uncomfortable to read them.

but the good news is you can learn how to read in one day (not exactly one day, i'm just exaggerating) because it's fairly easy. it doesn't have any special character, you just have to be careful with 'r' because it's trilled.

another pattern of indonesian word: every word can be splitted into several word part. 90% more of the word parts (Indonesian: 'suku kata') are using vocal words and consonant words one after another, barely ever a word part have two consonants in a row or two vocals in a row. (see patters)

i can give a map / guide to read Indonesian words.
basically words in Indonesia is constructed from word parts below:

a - like 'a' in Aragorn

ba - bah; 'bu' in bug
be - Bella, or 'bi' in bird (actually there are three sounds of e, you can see my other post in this Indonesian section discuss)
bi - like the word 'be'
bo - 'bo' in both
bu - 'bu' in bull

#the word c and ca, ce, ci, co, cu, doesn't have any similar words in English. you must hear in order to speak it
ca -
ce -
ci -
co -
cu -

da - 'da' in darn
de - 'de' in Denmark
di - the word 'd'
do - the music note 'do'
du - 'du' in dune


fa - the music note 'fa'
fe - (almost no word use this)
fi - 'fe' in fear
fo - pho
fu - foo

ga - 'ga' in gal
ge - 'gi' in girl
gi - 'gi' in give
go - go
gu - 'gu' in guru; 'goo' in google

ja - 'ju' in jug
je - the word 'j' or 'ge' in gel (remember 3 ways to pronounce e? the other 'e' is rare case)
ji - the word 'g'
jo - 'jo' in Jones
ju - 'ju' in juvenile

ka - 'ka' in
ke - the word 'k'
ki - 'ki' in kindergarten
ko - 'co' in comic
ku - 'coo' in cool

to be continue...

now you can read. repeat the sequence of 5 words (i.e. ba-be-bi-bo-bu) in order to catch the sense of how Indonesian is spoken, the faster you can speak, from a-z, the better.
west_auzzie_chickWednesday 19th of January 2005 04:39:11 PM
- thanks that is a big help. cant wait for the rest to be posted.